Monday, October 17, 2005

weekend is over

Well the weekend is over and back to the daily grind. At least as close to the daily grind as I can get. With a wedding less than 2 weeks away, just how close can you get? Things have gotten topsy turvy around here. The person that was going to be doing the reception will not be here until an hour before the rehearsal! So back to the me doing it by myself. No problem there. I will be doing finger snacks like a fruit tray and sandwiches instead of  chicken corden bleu! I cannot wait until it is over with! I went shopping for a dress for me and found nothing. I hate shopping for me. I will try again.

I need to get another card for my camera. I will be taking the pictures too. I know I am not a professional but I am all they can afford. Not sure of just how to do this. Being Mother of the bride makes it hard to take any during the ceremomy. Do I just say the heck with the proper "sit in your seat" or do I just get up and take them?

Bubbles, bird seed or rice? I suppose bubbles, no clean up afterwards. Brook is tossing rose petals while going down the aisle. She is thrilled about that. A little boy from Dallas will be the ring bearer.

Punch.... Anybody have a simple punch recipe? Her colors are burgundy and white.

I am making the mints. I have already gotten started on them. They are real simple to make. I use a cream cheese and powdered sugar recipe.

Flowers...lets not even talk about flowers! There won't be any except what is being carried by the bride and matron of honor. And guess who is making the bouquets!

Now for the big question...... anybody want to trade places with me for the next couple weeks? I am ready to hide!



  1. You poor thing, My daughter has helped a lady do wedding several times, wish she lived close to you and she would help you out. Just pray for stremgth and a calm mind. Good luck, Helen

  2. I HATE weddings.  You can have it.  LOL.

  3. Celeste - No thanks there is too much to do there, But I know you will cope with it all....And yes just get up and take the pictures, as many as you can - to put in your memories bank......You wont get a second chance......Ally

  4. No, do not want to change places, been there, done some of that like making endless table decorations, sewing pearls and crystals on the dress.  It will all be worth it in the end.  As for photographs, do whatever feels right but if you are worried, can you ask one of the other guests to take them so you can sit in your seat?

  5. Well, you certainly will be busy, and there will be no daily regular anything until the Big Day is over. I'd say, get up and take pictures if you like, or ask a friend to cover the ceremony. I hope you will be sure to set aside some time just to enjoy the vorious moments of the day as well as doing everything else! Margo

  6. DEFINITELY find someone else to man the camera!  You will be emotional at the most inopportune times.  You can swing the rest...if any of that gets messed up...good pictures become good memories after the fire dies down. ;)  C.

  7. I sure dont wont to trade places. You can get frozen punch at Bi-lo or Food-Lion you just add Sprite to it and I always add sherbert Ice cream too. I use it at Christmas because it smiple, qucik, and easy. Has a good taste. It comes in green or red.

  8. You have got your hands full!!!  JAE

  9. It`s always difficult to get a dress for a wedding Celeste.  When Kerry got married I was lucky and found my dress straight away, other family members weren`t so lucky and had to trail around the shops for ages !  As for the photography, we did it ourselves too.  I think did almost as good a job as a professional would have done, after editing them and so on, and it was 100 per cent! :-)

    Sandra xxxx

  10. Punch!

  11. Oh bless your heart Celeste! You are in the same position that I was in when amanda got married.....I borrowed my aunt's ferns and put them at the alter in big urns....I made her 2 bouquets -1 to keep/ 1 to throw.... I had my sisiter-in-law take the pictures,(so I could sit and bawl my eyes

    All this work and they got a divorce in 5 years!!!!! lol.......Oh well....

    I do feel for you, it is a lot of work!
    take care and try not to overdo it!
    love ya,

  12. Maybe one of the guests would take pics during the ceremony???  and have a large helping of it all on your plate just now....hope you can take a minute or two of time to reflect upon YOU...cause you are special....Hugs...Ora

  13. I know EXACTLY how you feel.  Somehow it all fell on me to do most of the preparation for my son and DIL's wedding, even down to the expense.  Definitely, go with the birdseed or bubbles.  I hate shopping for me too because I have gained so much weight, nothing looks good on me.  I pray all goes well.



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