Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Precious is doing a bit better now. She is walking around more. You can tell when she walks that it hurts but at least she is moving! I went down to feed the horses some hay and she partaked in the game they play of musical stalls. LOL I never really know if everyone gets their fair share because they bounce from one pile to another so much. They do not share their bucket though!

The baby birds have their eyes open now. They are getting so big! I am hoping to get a picture soon while it is still daylight and bright in here. I do not want to use flash on them.

Well that's it for now. Happy day everyone!


  1. glad she's improving

  2. I'm so glad precious is doing OK....Like to see them playing musical stalls, sounds like great fun.  Longing to see the first pictures of the chicks....Ally

  3. So glad to hear Precious is doing better, and am looking forward to pictire of birds. Margo

  4. wow it is a  happy day for you especially

  5. Happy day to you too Celeste! Glad your horse is feeling better. Can't wait to see the lil birdies!
    love ya,

  6. I'm glad she is doing better. they sound like the goats they run from one feed pan to the other thinking some eles got something better. LOL

  7. I am glad that Precious is getting better and I can`t wait to see photos of the birds!

    Sandra xxxx


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