Monday, September 26, 2005


The picnic yesterday was good. It was not a romantic picnic (darn it!) It was the company picnic for where he works at. Pat won a door prize. Now wouldn't you lmow the year we go on a motorcycle he wins something! He won a chair. one of those fold up chairs that fit in a bag. I know I am supposed to know what they are called but for the life of me I cannot remember! They had hamburgers, hot dogs and grilled chicken. I was a good girl and ate the chicken, then I had a hamburger.... then I had ice cream and peach cobbler. Ok ok I was a bad girl. Back to the old grind.

Well we rode up there on his motorcycle. I did enjoy myself. The wind was whipping a bit but the weight of the bike(and our fat behinds!) kept the bike running straight. On the way home we took a round about way to get home. All that riding yesterday helped make me a bit more comfortable about riding. I did not have to poke him at all!

I paid this morning for my ride yesterday. My back was aching up and down. After I got up I worked out a lot of the kinks. Pat added some more air to the air ride to give me more comfort next time. I will be looking for a lumber pillow to put on the bike too.


  1. That sounds like a fun day.  Cliff won't go to his company picnics.  He said he has to look at those people every day all week long and he isn't going to waste his weekend looking at them.

  2. This does sound like fun! Margo

  3. its a what a chair I think you are tlaking about. Sounds like  a nice day. but i bet you are sore

  4. How did you get the chair back home? lol
    Sounds like you had some good food! The peach cobbler and ice cream sound delicious!
    Hope Brook is better,
    take care now,
    love ya,

  5. Glad you enjoyed your day out - sounds like a lot of fun...Food sounds Yummy...You made me feel really hungry..Like the idea of a lumber pillow lol...Ally

  6. Celeste
    The price we pay for our play, sometimes.  I do hope your back is better and that the air adjustment on the bike does the trick.  Riding can be so much fun, I would hate to think it will hurt your back every outing.  Glad you two got away for a day, the picnic sounded fun.

  7. Sounds like you had a good time

  8. I wanna go to a picnic! I am so jealous!

  9. Glad you had fun. We use to enjoy the company picnics and a dance that night. I know the chairs you are talking about, but I never knew the name of them but I will be paying attention to the next one I see. lol Paula


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