Tuesday, September 6, 2005

feeling good

We have eggs! For the past couple of weeks, Chip has been working his little tail feathers off fixing a nest to his or Peaches satisifaction. Saturday evening, Chip started doing this dance back and forth on a perch while Peaches was in the nesting box. After a while Peaches comes out and Chip goes back in the box. Pat said that he then started singing the sweetest song he had ever heard come out of Chip. Last night the same thing happened. I took a little peek in there this morning and there are two of the cutest little eggs. I do hope they are fertile. Pat is so happy. He just knew that Peaches could not lay any eggs. I knew it was because Chip was too young to be a daddy. I swear he spends more time in the box than she does. Now I need to learn a bit mre on what I need to provide for Peaches for when the eggs hatch. I also must be prepared to feed babies if she does not feed them. from what I understand handfed babies must be feed every hour for the first couple days. That will be a trial! I am not ready for that! I also do not have an incubator to keep them warm if Mama and Daddy don't do it. So on to an search to see what I can find out.

Pat and I went shopping yesterday. We were looking for a gift for Brook and he found something for me! I actually got 2 new outfits! So now I have 1 new dress and 1 new skirt set that I can wear to church or out somewhere( if I ever get to go anywhere!) Now anybody that knows me knows I never buy anything for me. I might go looking for me but I buy for someone else. We also got a cordory jacket(blazer) for me to wear also. Another thing we got was a very heavy duty vinyl bag for trick or treating. AND I got a candle from a craft show that smells like red hot cinnamons! I racked up yesterday! I felt bad after getting these things because I then came home and saw the news.

Pat and I had a good weekend together. I hope the rest of the wek goes as well as it did.


  1. OH I love country eggs. Hey you should model your new outfits for us or take pics of them anyway.

  2. yeah! good for you all!

  3. How wonderful-I am so glad you had a good weekend and got some good stuff! Margo

  4. I had a friend who raised a batch of those. She hand fed them some so she could handle them when they got bigger but I think the mama & papa took turns sitting on the eggs and fed them also. I think there is a special formula you buy to feed them and a special food you feed the parents so they can feed them the right thing. Maybe check with a local pet store.Helen

  5. hmmm red hot cinnamon! Who is the maker of that candle? Well congrats on the eggs. There is nothing like a good country egg. I used to live on a farm when I was married and we had chickens and when I had to start buying store ones again it was such a difference.

  6. Oh WOw! This will be something new for you huh??? I bet they will be so cute!
    Hey, I am glad you wre able to find something you liked and could get it...you deserve it !!!
    love ya,

  7. How lovely you had eggs...Hope all goes well with them...Love to see a pic. bet they are tiny...Never heard of Red hot cinnamon candles...sound interesting though....Hope your week is good....Ally

  8. I hope that it all works out and you have baby cockatiels.

  9. I'm know your excited. What kind of incubator? is it the same as you hatch chickens in or special for birds?
    I'm glad you got new clothes I do the samething buy for the kids and not myself and then feel bad when I spend on myself.

  10. Nice journal!



  11. Hooray for Pat for getting some new things for YOU!  That is just great, Celeste!  New babies in the house?  I can just see you googling frantically for the how to's on cockatiels.  I took a few days off from journaling, but I'm rested and back and it was good catching up on the news from Sand Hollow.

  12. Oh,I love the egg thing.  I was so excited when Spice laid her's.  My dad put a huge breeder box in.  Have you ever seen tiels when they hatch eggs?! It's amazing.  The male actually helps with caring for the babies.  Wait about a week and then check the eggs. Let us know if they are fertile.  (Sometimes they have spots on them and other times they have a dent.)  I'm going to send you a link,if you want it,to cockatiel cottage.  Oh,and look for my Charlie boy.  He's cherished bird of the month for September.  I'm so jealous. I wish more then one egg had hatched with Spice but then again Waffles is soo darn cute. -Dawn-


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