Thursday, September 22, 2005


Pat and I went on a ride today. He managed to get me on the back of his motorcycle. I am sure he has a hole in his side where I kept poking him! I have been terrified of motorcycles for a very long time. Back in my younger days I rode one as a passenger. Everyone kept saying how I would love it. Well.... I DID NOT! The driver sideswiped a car with my kne. I do not know how I stayed on. The second he stopped the bike I blacked out. My knee was already swollen so bad my pants had to be cut off. Until this week I never got on one again.

Pat was a careful driver, I was just a scared passenger. I did start relaxing. Maybe a few more times and I will let him go more than 5 miles an hour. Just kidding, he went faster than that! Actually I am looking forward to riding again. I hope that maybe he will want to do a bit of touring on it.

So time for me to go. Brook has a modeling gig tonight!


  1. I LOVE riding on the "bitch" seat and getting to hug the hunky motorcyclist the whole time! Although, with your knee injury story, I can see why you had a hard time climbing back on the hog.

  2. I'm give you a big cyber pat on the back for overcoming a major fear! Good for you!

  3. YAY!  Good for Pat! You know what I tell my kiddies?  There is nothing wrong with fear as long as you are working on it. ;)  C.

  4. Good for you, overcoming your fear.  A long time ago I used to ride as a passenger with a friend and I loved it. Although I did get my leg burned once on the tail pipe. Helen

  5. OH but its good you know you need to get back on a horse after you fall and this will be good and maybe one day you can enjoy it. I am sure your hubby is extra careful adn knows your fears. Im so proud of you and I woudl love to go ona  motercycle ride. I love that you tried and I HOPE one day you enjoy it.

  6. Oh Lord, now I have two couples to worry about on motorcycles!! lol You and Mosie! I have not been back on a motorcycle since  a cousin of mine took me for a ride and did wheelies in the middle of the highway! After that Danny got on one of his Uncle's motorcycle and almost ran it throught the Western auto Store! He ended up sitting in the front door! After going over a parking mete.
    love ya,

  7. I think you were very brave getting back on that bike...Laughed at your 5 miles an hour just kidding. Maybe you will be the driver one day !!!...Ally


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