Friday, September 9, 2005

quickie here

Candiac has her wedding dress now. I found a beutiful dres in a resale shop and it fit perfect! LOL It was a size 16. She kept saying it won't fit but it was a great fit!

I did tell everybody didn't I? She is getting married Oct 29th.

There are now 3 eggs in the nest.

Brook says thank you for all the birthday wishes.

I laid my head on Pat's shoulder yesterday and was stung by a bee. No swelling today, it just feels like I have a bruise in the middle of my forehead!

Brook just informed me that the kids at her school donated their ice cream money this week for Katrina vicitims and raised $1309. They will be collecting again next week. Yesterday I carried cupcakes into the school and saw kids walking by dropping their money in the jar. These are good kids at her school. They are poor kids, moneywise, but rich heartwise!


  1. Congrats to Candiac.  Hope she feels like a princess. I think every bride to be should feel that way. This may well explain why my engagement to John didn't work. I didn't feel like I found my prince charming.  In fact,at one point I wondered if I could keep the dress and get rid of the guy.  I forgot to wish Brook a happy birthday. Okay if I send her a belated card?  Oh,and did the link I send help you out at all? I hope it did.  Peaches could lay several eggs but you won't know if they are fertile until you can light them to see.  (I'm so jealous right now.) Lol. -Dawn-

  2. What lovely.. children - there hearts are in the right place - Glad the wedding dress fitted well....Ally

  3. How sweet to give their icecream money.
    I'm glad Candiac found a dress they can be real expensive.

  4. I am glad for Candiac, I hope the dress is everything she wants it to be. I am also moved by the kids collecting their ice cream money-children are wiser than we think. Margo

  5. We always put moist tobacco on bee/wasp stings.....pulls the poison right out.   Good news about both the girls!  Weddings and birthdays.  Don't take long to go from one to another does it?  Kids are good at heart, I think, the world slowly makes some otherwise.  -  Barbara

  6. Wow, $1309!  That is great!


  7. What great kids they are!  JAE

  8. jsut got back from camping but catching up Share the dress pics and that is awesome what brooks school did.

  9. Nice things you have to talk about here today except the bee sting that is. Paula


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