Thursday, September 16, 2004

The rain is here

The rain is here now along with the wind. It has been raining all day long but now it is torrential rain. It feels like large needles when it hits your skin. The water is coming down like sheets blowing in the wind. A short while ago I heard the tell tell sound of a large freight train overhead. I drew my breath in and said a prayer as I cuddled up to Brook on the couch, wondering if this time it would actually hit our home.

I went out a short time ago to take the horses some hay. Crystal and Precious were on the other side of the field separated from the barn by a flowing flood of water. Reluctantly they picked their way across the fast flowing foot deep water to come to the barn. They happily went into the barn and started on the hay. It will help them dry off and warm up. Belle was out in the yard trying to graze in the water. She was startled when I went out there. She eagerly started eating the hay I put down for her. I was drenched when I got through with feeding them.

I don't know where all the cats are. Some of the kittens are under the riding mower. I have not seen any of the adults cats. I wonder where the littlest babies are? Their mama is not the brightest bulb in the pack.

It is dark now and I can hear the thunder and the rain. The wind is blowing it against the window. The darkness is so thick that the night light in the yard is not lighting up anything. The television station keeps popping on and off. Shelters have been opened up in towns around me. They are expecting to have to evacuate some of the area. We are under a flash flood warning, flood warning, high winds warning, and a tornado watch.

The floods do not worry me, we are on high ground. I am worried about Pat driving home tonight. He has to go through ares where flash floods and high water may be. He also has to drive down a road that has a lot of trees lining it. My main fear is the tornados. They cannot be predicted and are so deadly.

I am going to save this now before the power goes out again. It usually does in these storms. Living out in the country  we are low on priority list to restore it too.


  1. celeste;
    it is  so bad here too. we just went outside during a lull in the storm and found our gutter and a plank from the house hanging down...also my swing that i got for mother's day last year is now upside down, and fastened to our oak tree. but we are ok,for now.....i know what you mean by tornado's...unless you have lived in ga. and been through it, you can't appreciate how dangerous they are....and they can pop up in a minute....i hope pat makes it home to you ok, i know how scary it can be while your guy is on the road home from work.........been there; done that.
    mayGod watch over yall..

  2. Opps,it sounds like your having some weather trouble. Stay safe, I hope you find the kitties, you're going to have and post when you find them!

  3. Saying a prayer for your Pat's safety and that there won't be too much damage done to your farm...taketh care.

  4. OH I hope you find all your animals. Its starting here too. I have to take our camper to lexington tomrrow am in this wind and rain we will stil behaving. I never pulled it before. Lori

  5. I'll be holding your family and your animal family close in my heart until the storms pass...

  6. I don't envy you!  I'll bet my son in Georgia is having the same sort of weather.

  7. Sending you lots of positive thoughts. I know first hand what your going safe!!!

  8. praying for you so much Celeste.

  9. Here's hoping you and yours are doing ok.  We are getting the rain from Ivan now.  There have been at least 4 tornado's in the area.  I feel safe though.



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