Saturday, September 25, 2004

I am upset

It has taken me a couple of days to even think about writing this.

Thursday, Belle got out and went next door. She did this while we were at taekwondo and eating dinner. On our way home from dinner we recieved a phone call from our next door neighbor. He said that Belle was out and had been over there a lot and if we did not get her now then he was going to call 911. We hurried home and got Belle. Remember the fence that had been cut about a month ago? Well it is down again. Our neighbor, and I use that term loosely as he is no "neighbor", cut the grass beside it earlier that day. I had not really paid any attention to it except for the fact that Belle was running around acting rumbuncious. I had just checked the fence the day before so I knew it was good. Now, that is not what has made me so angry. I am angry because he SHOT her in the ass with something. From the size of the hole I would say a BB gun. Belle is not a dangerous animal therefore there is no reason to shoot her at all! In the ass. I mean come on now, that means the animal was going away from you. Even if it was a dangerous animal, if you shoot it in the ass it is GOING AWAY FROM YOU NOT ATTACKING!!!!!

I called the police and made a report. I did not see him do it so I cannot charge him with anything. The police do have him listed as a suspect.

Pat was ready to kill him.


  1. How cruel, is there nothing else you can do ?....Sandra

  2. I feel so badly for you Celeste.  I'm putting myself in your shoes, and it isn't a pleasant place to be at the moment (not just because you wear several sizes smaller shoe, either... though I'm sure you do).  It's terrible to have a pet that you adore, and then have problems with the neighbors because of it.  You're right, that's no neighbor in anybody's book.

  3. Argh!!!! That man is so frustrating.  I don't blame Pat for being ready to kill him.  It sounds to me as if he is just wanting an excuse to cause trouble and complain.  I hope you can get something done about him soon.


  4. Sounds like you have a very sick and dangerous neighbor.
    Better keep looking over you shoulder before he starts shooting your family.  
    I would be so scared of him, and wonder what is he gonna do next.
    Sounds like he is envious of you and Pat.

  5. I so hate, yeah hate, people like that.  And to shoot the animal too.  Someone shoot him in the rear end to see how it feels!!!  Hope Belle will be ok, too bad you can't make the neighbor pay the vet bill!  Good for you to make a report though, somewhere down the line it may help you.
    Hugs and smoochies to Belle.


  6. I recommend an 8 foot tall stockade fence and a restraining order. A pox on your neighbor!!

  7. OMG someone shot her...unreal, how could anyone do that! Maybe that guy needs a shot in his ass!...That is cruel! So sorry about the fence Celeste!


  9. I don't blame Pat one bit. I can only think of 4 letter words to describe that A-hole that lives next to you. OMG that enrages me!!! I hope Belle is doing ok. Hang in there sweety.

  10. That burns me up ! Anyone that would do that is sub human in my book. You could probably gather all of your evidence from past experiences with this creep and sue him (isnt he the only one thats near you?) Its not like someone is driving in from town and reeking havok.....right? (Let me at em!) **ears turning red**

  11. Why can't neighbors just do unto others? Seems everyone has a least one bad neighbor. How sad! Paula


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