Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend over thoughts

This past weekend was a busy one and not so productive one or maybe it was. I don't know. The important thing is, it is over and I survived.

    Saturday I had a table set up at Brook's school. It was a fund raiser thing for the cheerleaders. There was a car show, bake sale, silent auction and venders. I was a vender. I had my AVON set up. The day started out with a drizzle of rain, then a steady light rain. Finally the sun came out with it came the wind. Several time I had to grab the canopy to keep it from flying away. The girls raised about a thousand dollars. Bad news is they need several thousand more. For most of these girls, coming up with all the money they will need to buy uniforms, hair bows, cheer camp, pompoms, etc. will be hard on their families. I know because Brook is one of the ones that will have a hard time. The day ended and I did make back the money I put out for the booth.
    After I got home I got Precious out. She needed a good brushing and I needed a good smell in my nostils. Pat dressed her feet up some for me and then we saddled up and rode for a bit. She rode pretty good for me. I love riding her. I call it like riding a caddy! She has a broad back and a smooth walk with a gentle rocking motion. When she picks up speed, no bounce, she racks. After my sort ride I was falling out so I decided to nap. 30 minutes turned into 3 hours, then 2 hours later I went to bed for another 8 hours!
     Sunday was my birthday. I turned 52. I knew I was older as soon as I opened my eyes. My back said OUCH. My feet said lose weight. My eyes said damn pine trees. My hands said "I hate Auther." The mirror said "TURN THE LIGHTS OFF!" I told all of them to drop dead because it was my day and they were not going to ruin it!
    I headed into the kitchen and made a pot of tea, popped some bisquits in the oven and made some sos (chipped beef in gravy). Turned Facebook on and the birthday wishes started rolling in. Made me feel good to read them all. I had nothing planned for my day. Planned on just rolling with things. Pat's step mom came over and brought me a litle kitchen clock and towels. After that I decided to get my blackberry bushes in the ground. I got the lawnmower out and cut the grass where I had decided to put them then dug the holes. One of the plants looked a bit poorly. I do hope they make it. In the process of putting the mower up I decided to cut the back yard. So away I went. As I was cutting the back yard I was noticing that we had a lot of crappy broadleaf weeds for grass instead of grass! I think I will go buy a small bag of seed and sow it. The weather still has not heated up so it will most likely germinate and grow. I just have to decide what kind to get. I need a grass that can tolerate high temps in the summer and wet, cold winters. Something that tops out at 4 inches when it grows would be great too! That would save money on grass cutting!
    Oh yes. My daughter came over and brought lunch. We had baby back ribs and beans. They were pretty good. She brought a few gifts over, a robe and some nightwear and lounge wear. Their visit was short and sweet. (the other vistors wore out their welcome, came too early left too late).
    That evening Pat and I got the bikes out to head to Arby's. I had coupons for 2 free chicken salad sandwiches. Before we left we decided to go shoot in the pool tourney at Fanactics and so we loaded up the cue sticks. The Arby's chicken salad sandwich was a hit! I will not be buying them though. The cost is not very reasonable. The pool tourney, was okay. Pat and I both went 4 rounds. If we had won the next round we would of had to play each other.
    To the dirtbags that were driving on Highway 151 last night, I carry heat, don't tail gate me again when I am on my motorcycle.

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