Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good, busy, grassy day

Today was a pretty darn good day. Amazing how a snoot full of grass and dirt can make you feel good. Spring has finally arrived and with it comes all the things I have to do. this year is different though. I get to share the fun things and the hard things. Pat being home all the time just may turn out to be a good thing after all.
He started his day off with what looked to be a disaster. He decided he needed to get outside and start cutting the fields(with a little bit of prompting, NOT nagging! LOL) He checked the oil on the tractor and yikes! It looked like it was full of water. When he smelled it, it smelled of gas! NOT good. Good thing, the gas smell was on his hands because he had just poured gas in the tractor. He immediately drained the oil and yes it was water WITHOUT antifreeze  in it. That was a plus. That meant water got in from the storms not the radiator. Good thing is we had enough oil to do the change! So off he goes on the tractor cutting away!
In the meantime I am busy with my own stuff. A load of dishes, a load of clothes, tea made, cats thrown out, dog thrown out and then I go out. I get out my lawnmower and start cutting the front I get part of it cut then I get stranded! Out of gas and no gas in the cans! So I decided to start picking up the sticks I had cut a couple days before and took them to the burn pile.
Pat came in and we had lunch, left over pizza from Rafael's . After lunch we played around a bit on Facebook. Then Pat hooked up the trailer and we headed to the gas station to get some gas.
A lot of yard work got done, a lot of field work got done and a real sense of satisfaction on a job well done.
Next comes dinner, then off to Sonic's for a sundae. maybe Wally World for cat food or maybe just wait until tomorrow for the cat food. I am tired. maybe wait on the ice cream too...


  1. Nice to see you here Celeste. Have a nice day tomorrow.Its so dry here we don't have much grass to mow these days.

  2. Sonic sounds good right about now! Glad you are doing well and are in high spirits!!


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