Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day, my day?

So today is Mother's Day. Supposed to be my day right? I am a mother. I am suppose to celebrate or is someone else suppose to celebrate because I am their mother?
I am not sure exactly which one it is supposed to be.
I know now I am glad I had my Mama. that was not always true. There were times that I had wish she would go away and leave me alone. I did not agree with her on a lot of things. I did not agree with some of the things she did but I always loved her that was something that never changed. I find myself saying and doing some of the things she said and did. As I have matured I have found that many things were true although some of the things don't and I won't get into those. Some were petty little things and others were major. I was not an easy child to raise. I was the baby in the family born some years after they thought there would be no more children. I grew up with parents that some people thought were my grandparents because they were the age of THEIR grandparents. My dad passed away when I was barely a teen and my Mama had to finish raising me alone. I did not make it easy for her. Much later in life I realized that I was angry and lost. But still she loved me, she was my Mother.
Happy Mother's Day Mama.

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