Sunday, May 22, 2011

bright sunshiny day

It is a bright sunshiny day and I WILL enjoy it if I have to kill someone to do so.

On a serious not. Today I will not allow anyone or anything to ruin my day. I am tired of people that interfere with my life.
My brother's daughter is getting married next week on the 29th. I will not be attending. I love her, she is my niece but frankly I cannot justify the cost of spending x amount of dollars on a cocktail dress that will be worn once. It is an evening wedding with cocktail dresses specified as the proper attire. I hate to miss the wedding because as far as I know everyone else in the family will be there. I am the black sheep so they can just talk about me as I won't be the one there and we all know everyone talks about the ones that are not there.
Oh a bright note. It is a beautiful day. may get up to 90 today and since the world did not end yesterday I am going to go out and enjoy it one way or anther. I have no plans except to buy dog food. The rest of the day is free. Anybody for a ride?


  1. I am like you . I just don't see spending money on a fancy outfit that is only going to be worn once! But that being said, I HAVE seen some beautiful evening dresses at Goodwill that look new. If I wanted to go to something like that, you better believe that is where I would shop!! I like what the Duggers ( TV show: 19 kids and counting) say.."Buy used and save the difference!" lol
    love ya!!!

  2. Well I agree about your attendance at the wedding. I went to walk my younger sister down the aisle and looking back, I wish that I had not. Unfortunately, I am the oldest of the clan and it felt as if it came with the territory.

    Enjoy your day..! If you didn't go too fast, I would like to go for a ride.!!


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