Thursday, November 20, 2008

Been away

I have been away from blogging and just about everything else. i decided I needed to cut back on my computer time and concentrate on stuff here. It did not work. I suppose I have a bit of an addictive personality. I got hooked on TV. When I finally realized that there was nothing good on I turned back to my computer. I miss the interaction I get here. Actually I need the interaction I get here. I know I have probably lost some readers but that is okay. I am back.

Things have been somewhat fun around here and not fun. We had a horse move in here. The owners came and got her and she came back. 10 days later they came for her again. Brook will miss her. She was a sweetheart.

Things with Pat are good between us. Not so much between him and my daughter. So I guess at this point I will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner just for the two of us.

Pat is having trouble with his breathing now. I have a feeling we may be taking a trip to the ER by the end of the week. Scares me.

I went to the Doctor today. He is sending me for an ultrasound on my abdomen on Friday. He felt a mass that should not be there. Tomorrow I get my mammies grammed and next week in a bladder test. YUCK. I guess I am just falling to pieces.

I am glad to see gas prices down. I saw gas for $1.76 today. I cannot remember the last time it was that low! Now if only other prices would drop. I do not see much of a Christmas around here this year. I have got to get in the mood for it anyway. I did not put up one single fall decoration this year. I need to put the tree and stuff up. I need to sit and soak it in so I feel better.

I know I am just scared now.


  1. I think we all have reason to be scared with the economy the way it is. I'm sorry about Pat's breathing problems, and hope he improves. Glad you guys are doing so well. I have an addictive personality, too, which is one reason why I never let myself really drink alcohol!

  2. Well I am glad you are back - glad things are ok - I so hope that Pat's breathing problems get resolved - I am sure it is scary.
    I hope you all have a great thanksgiving - if it is just the two of you or more - just have fun!!
    hope all the health issues turn out to be nothing - you take care of you...Ellie

  3. I dont know how I missed so many of your entrys??


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