Thursday, March 13, 2008


I finally have pictures! I found the missing cord and got them downloaded. As promiced here are the babies. The white birds are Lutinos cockatiels. They have red eyes. Really, it is not red eye from flash.  The one on the perch is a Pied cockatiel. There were 2 born in this set of babies. Mama(Peaches) and Daddy (Chip)are still busy feeding the babies.

I think Spring is here. Today it is supposed to get up to 75. We will see. We have more rain due. I still need a few more days of dry weather so I can get the little garden ready!

Brook is off to the Aquarium today. She gets to see the penquins. I wish I could have gone. I have never seen them before. Unfortunately it was an expence I could not afford.

The horses are happily mowing down every blade of grass that pops up. Soon they won't be able to keep up with how much grows. I hope that Pat gets the tractor running again soon. We need it! Must be something in the air here or something. The alternator is out on the tractor also.

I baked some Amish friendship bread yesterday. First time I have made any. It was good. Now all I need to do is figure out who to give the starter to. Too bad it can't be mailed.

Ok I am out of here. Trying to get some work down if my body will let me. I think I am falling apart one piece at a time.


  1. that is so coll the babies!!!! how neat!
    I had a Lution but her eyes weren't red! maybe she wasn't a real Lution?

    ~~~Make it a Great Day~~~

  2. wow the babies are beautiful,  wish I loived close buy to enjoy your cooking, yum

  3. Our horses were stomping the pasture so badly Cliff fenced them off the biggest part of it so it could get a head start.

  4. OMG the babies are so ugly that they are CUTE! LOL!
    I've made friendship bread before years ago. It was cool 'cause we'd keep passing it around through our family. And it was GOOD!  I forgot about that...thanks for bringing back that memory.
    Hope you feel better as the day goes. I feel as if I'm falling apart here too. OH my aching back!!

  5. I love those birds...if hubby didn't have so many allergies I do believe I would go out and find me some....sheesh...always somethin huh???  and yes...I wish you could mail that friendship starter....I would love one around here does that....and my alabama you...too far away!!!  hugs and God Bless....Ora in KY

  6. awww Thank you for the pictures of the babies. They are so beautiful. I love them.
    Wow, they have red eyes !! I have had the Amish bread . It is wonderful . My sister had the starter and passed it around. Soooo good. Have a wonderful day.


  7. Enjoyed the pictures of your birds. Know what you mean about your body falling apart. I did three hours of yard work day before yesterday and I'm so sore all over. I hate getting older. Paula

  8. Your gray adult looks just like our Lucy!  The babies are so cute!

  9. Pretty birdies - and I sure can relate to falling apart one piece at a time! Feel better - summer will be helpful for healing :-)



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