Monday, March 3, 2008

getting started again

What a weekend. It did not exactly turn out the way it was supposed to. Saturday was a beautiful day. Pat and I got on the bike and took off. Alas we did not get far.  We turned off the main road to ride through the country and shortly thereafter it died. No lights, no radio, no horn, Nada nothing. The generator that we paid $250 just to have it rebuilt($800 for a new part and it is unavailable) has died. Pat is rather upset. So am I.  A friend brought us a battery to get the bike home with. Lucky it worked. I did not really want to push this bike up on a trailer! So, no bike for who knows how long.
Sunday fared a little better. We saddled up the horses and headed down the driveway. Crystal acted like she has never been on a road or crossed a bridge. Precious had to lead her across the bridge.  Precious gave me a wonderful ride. She started racking up the hill and man o man that was smooth. I love it when she gives me a good rack. Everything went pretty smooth until a car came around a curve. Dang that was a quiet car. No sound until it was seen. Nothing really happened. Precious just stopped cold and was bunched up like she was going to bolt. She relaxed immediately when she saw nothing was gonna happen. Brook had seen us coming up the road and was jumping up and down. She was excited. We rode on up to the kids house and Brook got on Precious. Pat and she went out into the field to ride. Everything was going real good until Pat decided to bring Crystal across a low fence. She stepped over the fence with her front feet and then dragged her rear foot over the wire. When she touched the wire she panicked. All hell broke loose then. She backed up  and then got tangled and started bucking. I saw white hair go flying through the air. Next thing I know Brook is being dumped on the ground. Precious bolted. Brook's feet were not in the stirrups because she was in my saddle.  Poor thing was scared to death.  I have no idea if Pat was bucked off or if he got off. I know he was the first to reach Brook! After we caught the horses, which was not hard to do after they quit running, we road back up to the house. brook came right over and got back on Precious. She knew that  Precious did not dump her on purpose. Poor baby. She is hurting. She landed on her hip. She is walking okay, just bruised up pretty good. She has Tae Kwon Do today so maybe that will help work out the soreness in her hip. We did not take her for x-rays because she was moving pretty good. I just hope it was the right decision to make...
I have pictures of the babies. I have misplaced my camera cord to download the pictures. This is not good. It has a special end on it that fits the camera.
 I need to get busy. I still need to clean up my small garden. I have plants for it that need placing soon. Brussels sprouts and broccoli are ready to go in. They can handle the cooler temperatures. Supposed to be in the 70's again to day then winter is supposed to come back for a few days. I need to check my peach trees. Maybe this will be the year that they survive and give me peaches!
Ok I am out of here. The dryer just finished and the washer is full.


  1. Oh dear Celeste, what an awful weekend you`ve had. Poor Brook, she must be feeling very sore after her fall, I hope the Tae Kwon Do helps her.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  2. Glad Brook didn't break anything. Sorry about the trouble with your bike at least you had the horses for back-up fun. Good luck with your peaches. Paula

  3. wow Celeste....what a week end....!!!!!  glad Brook is ok...and Pat??? oh sorry about the bike ... I know how much you guys love riding on it....but it was nice you had the horses...even tho they got spooked a bit....all is well....find that cord????  hugs and God Bless....Ora...

  4. Sounds like it just didn't want to be a weekend for riding anything!  -  Glad you were able to enjoy most of your horse ride.  And hopefully everyone will be no worse for the wear and tear.  -  Barbara

  5. I am glad Brook was just bruised. What a mess that was!


    LOVE YA,

  7. These motorcycles are certainly money-holes.  Is there a motorcycle junk yard around you?  We have a really good one not too far away.

  8. wow sounds like you should have

  9. Wow...between the bike and the horses you sure had your hands full this weekend! I'm so glad Brooke didn't get hurt bad. I have never been thrown from a horse! That would scare me to death!
    Hope you have a good week.

  10. Glad you were able to do some horseback riding, but sorry Brook was thrown -- even though it wasn't the horse's intention.  And I'm sorry about the bike's generator.  I hope you can get that fixed soon.  Have a great week!

  11. What rotten luck with the motorcycle.  Sorry to hear that the part is not avaiable any more.  I'm glad no serious harm came to Brook when she got bucked off of Precious.  Glad, also, that Brook came right over and got back on Precious.  
    That girl has spunk!  Remember me when you harvest those brussel sprouts, I love 'em!

  12. ... not really 'aware' of the cast in your world ... but I hope that Crystal is fine ... Horses are so awesomely beautiful and strong ... too bad that they didn't have a peaceful day ... as to the bike ... I will send good vibes so that you get that going ASAP ... spring is coming and it will be time to get on the road again ..!

  13. hestiahomeschoolMarch 6, 2008 at 9:17 PM

    I need to get a helmet, because I know that I will eventually get thrown!  I am glad she is okay...

  14. What type of horses do you have?  Glad no one was seriously hurt in the fall.  Linda


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