Thursday, June 21, 2007

EXERCISE, toes and stuff

Well my exercise class is over until July 10th. I did lose a few pounds but not enough. The main thing I did was gain strength and increase my flexibility. I am also not breathing so hard by the end of class. The last class ended with me doing 43 sit ups and 50 pushups. I will have to keep up the work so that when it starts back I can start at or near where I left off. LOL the last class did end with a slight mishap. I broke my big toe on the joint where it goes into the foot. It is not nearly as painful as breaking it in the middle! I cannot bend it of course. Yes I do know it is broke, X-rays were taken. All they did was wrap it up and put in it a splint. I took it off because it caused more trouble than wearing a shoe .I have had enough broken toes to know that I cannot bend it, I have to ice it and do not hit it again anytime soon! I have a toe problem, they get in my way. I break one about every other year.  It broke when I was turning on the mat to execute a sidekick and my toe stayed while the rest of my foot turned. I completed the class. After the initial shock of the pain was over with I just kept on going. It took about 5 minutes but then I was alright.  I have to keepwalking omn it. I have to walk the horse and do my other chores. My work won't get done by itself!

Did anybody see my picture I posted on C's Life?

I also have a small ad over there now. I can get paid for those ads unlike these on AOL.

Does anybody use Firefox? I like it! If you have a hunkering to try it out click my link to C's Life and check out the sidebar. There is a link there to get Firefox. It is so neat! I have kittycats as my buttons on it.


  1. hestiahomeschoolJune 21, 2007 at 6:51 PM

    I broke toes in Aikido. Also from having horses and cows step on them before I was smart and always wore boots to the barn.

  2. I've been using Firefox for ages.  Hey, every pound lost is good.  My small ad is almost up to $10 profit for me.  Of course I don't get paid until it's up to $100.  But hey, at least there's a chance I'll get some money from it.

  3. I couldn't do FIVE sit-ups right now if a gun was pointed at my head.  Be proud!!


  4. I've had so mant broken toes since childhood that they all point in different directions! I know that they do hurt, but I'm glad you are doing okay with it. Margo

  5. lol I'm a big baby, I prob would of used breaking a toe and being in pain  an excuse to quit.. so good for you for keeping on.

    Much Love,

  6. I fear writing this next sentence but, I have never broken a bone in my life!

  7. That is very strange that you break a toe about every other year!  I admire for finishing the class and taking it in stride -- so to speak! lol  I hope you aren't in much pain and that it heals quickly.
    We have Firefox, and use it instead of IE.  I like it and the kids prefer it.  

  8. Firefox, I think Clint Eastwood is familiar with it.

  9. OUCH on the toe!! Wow you must be one tough lady to continue the class!


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