Monday, June 4, 2007


Well I got my computer back. It is working like a charm. He put a DVD burner in and a new fan and fixed the original problem. Now all I have to do is get used to the noise of the new fan. It is not loud, I just NEVER heard my old fan. I needed a bigger one to handle the dust and the new burner.

I am happy as a clam.Well I would be except for 1 minor detail. My refrigerator died. Not the whole thing, the freezer is still working for now. It is only 8 years old. Whatever happened to appliances lasting? So now I have to go shopping for something I had no intention of getting for at least another few years. Should I go with aside by side, which I have now? I doubt it. It did have water and ice in door but that broke a long time ago.Things that use water usually die around here. The water is so hard.

Speaking of water we resally need some.We are in a severe drought. They have banned ALL outdoor watering. I am being to feel like I am in the dustbowl. I cannot remember the last time we had any rain around here. We have had 0 rain for the month of May and less than an inch for April. June is not loooking any better. Without water there will be no hay. No hay means hungry herds. Hungry herds means higher prices at the store because they will have less meat.

Ok I am going to stop for now. I have so much to say that I cannot get my thoughts together.


  1. Dahling, I wish I could have sent you our bloody rain.  The tropical storm flooded our little island, not too much but enough to make it hard to get around town in some places.  
    GLAD YOU ARE BACK, THOUGH!  Missed you.

  2. Welcom back Celeste, it's good hearing you rant and rave, now I don't feel so alone LOL welcome to life in the Big Wide World.kidding aside, I hate when you buy something and it doesn't last forever, I have a Westinghouse it's apt. size, it's been moved all around about 3 times in all, knock on wood no problems yet, it's about 13 years old. gg

  3. My refrigerator died right after Danny did....But I knew it wouldn't last much longer because we had had it ever since we lived here...
    Hope betterluck comes your way...
    love ya,

  4. I used to date an appliance repair guy years and years ago. He said that the ones that have the freezer either above or below the fridge are the best. It was the way the freon was delivered made it more efficient. He said the side by sides don't last nearly as long.  So I've never bought a side by side again.
    Hope you find a good one, and get some rain. Send some rain our way too!

  5. Oh, yuck.  Funny how when one appliance has troubles another usually soon follows.  Hoping everything starts going smoother for you and yours.  ;o)  - Barbara

  6. One thing I've learned about appliances is that the ones with the fewest fancy features last the longest.  


  7. You're right, appliances do not last any more.

  8. Celeste
    This drought is really getting serious here in Georgia.  I am sorry it will affect your quality of life this summer in the way I expect it will.  Let us all pray for rain.  Rotten luck about the refrigerator, these things happen at the worst of times.  Glad you got your computer back up and running.  I had an extra fan installed on our old computer last year and I was surprised, too, at how loud the new fan was.  Don't worry, you'll get used to it, LOL.

  9. My fridge of 2 1/2 years has already had a compressor replaced and another, um, minor repair.  Yikes ... they just don't make 'em like they used to.

    Praying for rain for you folks.  We are having rain and while some may complain, I remind them summer is coming and you'll be glad we had a wet spring.

  10. Oh the curse of dying appliances.......grrrrrrrr!  I have the top line of appliances and they STILL die!  I can only pray they resume their life on thier own.  Sometimes, it's just cheaper to buy new.  Anne

  11. Glad you got your computer back.  I am so sorry that your frig died.  We had to buy a new one last year, too.  They sure don't make 'em like they used to.


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