Monday, June 18, 2007

a bit of this and that and horses

"The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and fire."

   --Sharon Ralls Lemon


Today I dealt with all of that. My horses would not stay away from the barn today. Everytime I went to get Spirit out or put her up I would have to chase them away.

 I got the hose out and filled up the water barrel of course Precious had to get a drink. She will drink all her water out of a straw if she could. Afyter doing the barrelI hosed her down. She really enjoyed having the cold water run on her neck. I imagined it cooled her off. I know it always cools me off when I do that to myself.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Candy took us out to dinner for Father'sDay and then we went toLowes. She was not sure what tool set to get Pat so she had him pick it out. Hepicked the cheapones and she upgraded them LOL. It tickled him. He really likes tools. I bought a mandellan(spelling?) plant. Around here I will have to take it inside for the winter after it dies down. It will not tolerate our cold, not that we get really cold.

I made a fattening dinner Saturday. I made lasagna. I ate smart though, I only ate one piece of it. I have finally managed to make only 1 pan of it. Ithas taken years for me to cut the recipe down from two 9x13 inch pans down to one foil lasgana pan. LOL. Half of that pan is now in the freezer to reheat on a later date.

The garden is mostly saved I think. Some of the corn did not do well. Actually I still do not know if I will get a corn crop. Last year I planted and got lots of stalks but no ears.... My beans are climbing high. It looks as if I will get a good crop of green beans. The tomatoes cannot decide if they will get bigger or just stay small and give me tomatoes. Looks like my ambition of selling some will not come to fruit this year. I will try again next year.

Ok time to eat and get ready for Brook's class. See yall later.

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  1. I think your horses don't want you giving attention to another horse, huh? Glad you all had a nice Father's Day. Paula

  2. Glad you had a nice Father's Day. I have not heard of that plant you mentioned.  I love the pictures of your horses.

  3. Loved that photo of Precious sipping her water!!!
    Now wasn't that so swet of Candy buying Pat those tools??? Awwwww and she upgraded them too....Danny loved tools too...I think most men do...there are like little boy toys! lol
    If you have a chance show a pictue of that plant...ok?
    That lasgana sounds good!!!
    Hopefully we may get more rain next year so your tomatoes and all may do better then...
    Take care,
    love ya,

  4. I was hoping Rachel would fix Lasagna for her dad for Father's Day so I could have some.  Ha!  Just my luck, her family has decided to make a stab at eating healthier.

  5. good luck with the garden

  6. ally123130585918June 19, 2007 at 7:27 AM

    That photo of Precious is just lovely ~ I can imagine how much she enjoyed you hosing her down and cooling her off ~ Glad Pat had a good Fathers day ~ Dinner sounded good and well done on only having one piece of Lasanga ~ hope your garden is saved pity you havn't got lots of tomatoes to sell ~ better luck next year ~ Ally x

  7. With this heat wave we got, I could use a hosing down.  

    Wait...I have an ocean!  

    Nevermind, lol!

  8. I understand Spirit's pleasure. I am not a heat person, and have been known to put the sprinkler out just so I can run through it myself! it seems more fun than a coll shower! I am so glad that you have saved so much of your garden, too. Margo

  9. I love that Precious has such personality!  


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