Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Does anybody have any idea how much to charge someone for boarding a horse? If I provide feed and hay(in winter),in the field all day and in stall at night?I have never paid for it so I have no idea how much to charge.


  1. ally123130585918June 20, 2007 at 6:25 AM

    Celeste couldn't you ring round and find out what other people are charging and go from there ~ Ally x

  2. We charge $100 a month per horse in summer and $150 a month in winter when we're feeding hay; we don't stall at night, so you might want to charge more.  Be sure you know the people well, because Cliff is always reminding me that we could be liable for any damage to horses or riders on our property.

  3. you got me....but it would be alot LOL...cause it is alot of work LOL....and your time and talents are valuable....good luck and God Bless...hugs from KY....Ora

  4. I see someone has already given you prices.  I was going to suggest working out the full cost of feed, then add cleaning out, grooming, exercise.  You need to get paid what you are worth.  I am sure the other commentor has given you a good idea.  


  5. The best way to figure it out is first figure your feed/hay per horse, then figure out how much extra work the horse will be... If you are already feeding yours, it might only be 15 extra minutes morning and evening... if you are bringing the horse in or out it might add 30 minutes or more to your day. Once you know the amount of feed (and pad this a little in case you get a hard keeper or the price of feed goes up), and the amount of time it adds to your day, then figure out how much your time is worth per hour and multiply by how many extra 'hours' a month the horse is adding... Viola! Also, check around and see what other people are charging in similar circumstances. For instance, you can't charge as much as a facility that has a riding ring, or round pen if you don't have such things! <LOL>

    Also, remember what Mosie said about knowing the people! You don't want to get stuck with a horse no one is paying for, or somebody get hurt and sue you! Be SURE you make up a contract (you can find them online) and both of you sign it!! It seems silly until something happens and you don't have anything protecting you!

  6. I can't give an exact amount, but I have an acquaintence here who charges 400.00 to start ... that's with hay and stall, but I have no idea what would be added on to make the cost more.  I do know that it's not inexpensive here though!


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