Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Last night I went and got Pat's gift out of layaway. I did not realize until that moment just how heavy his gift is!Somehow or another  I manage to get hit with it. It fell on my knee. Well actually it hit my knee on its way down to the floor! OUCH! Have you ever been hit and the pain was so bad you felt like you were going to throw up? That was how I felt. I had to keep on going though. I told them I did not want that table. They got another one and out the door we went to get it loaded on the truck. Candy's boss was helping us. We took it over to Candy's house to leave it there until Christmas. He will get it Christmas Eve because there is no way I can get it here after he goes to bed! We will be eating over there on Christmas Eve so that will be the best time to give it to him. Then HE can help get it home! So I have to get busy cleaning up the room it will be going into. It is full of junk and saddles and tools and stuff like that. I also need to wrap up all the gifts that are in there.

Tonight I am going to get the tree put up. I will not be decorating it yet. I will wait until tomorrow to do that. I will put the lights on in the morning and when Brook gets home we will put the stuff on it.

I made fudge today. Tomorrow I will make something else. Maybe some peanut brittle and/or pralines.That's it for now. See everyone later.


  1. I hope your knee is okay. Sounds as if you are chugging away towards a wonderful Christmas. Margo

  2. It is good to see that someone has things in order and are moving right along with decorating etc....and hope the knee is ok...ouch!!!  Hugs from KY...Ora

  3. OUCH is right!  Keep an eye on that knee.

  4. sheesh! put some ice on it so it feels better.  i hope it does not get all funky and bruised

  5. Celeste
    Sorry about the knee.  I did something similar to my elbow the other day and it still hurts so bad I feel dizzy if I move it the wrong way.  

    I haven't had home made pralines in years.  My grandmother in Louisiana would make them for us when I was a youngster.  Just the thought of them brings back some very fond memories.

    Have fun with Brook trimming the tree!

  6. wow! Pat is a lucky guy this XMAS :)

    I should make cookies. I am trying to feel festive, its working a bit too.

  7. Ouch! That does sound painful Celeste,  I hope your knee isn`t too bruised.  I`m putting our tree up at the weekend, a job I usually look forward too but because I`m working with lots of Christmas decorations this year I`m not so sure! :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  8. I'd say, "only you" but, I do the same thing!  I come home from work, and mind you, I am the manager now so I don't really do much physical work, and I have more bruises on me, you'd think I was a cage fighter on that show, lol!  

    Hope you feel better.  

  9. Oh, I do hope you feel better soon!  That had to hurt.  I've never made peanut brittle.  But I love it when it is good and buttery.  Usually buy mine from the little Pentecostal ladies!  They are blessed with the spirit of brittle!  ;o)  -  Barbara

  10. Ouch! I hope you are better - there must be a big bruise at least!



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