Thursday, December 7, 2006


Today has been one of those days. I broke the tree as I was putting it up. First I break the stand and it kept falling over. I fixed that with the stand we use to place the horses feet on to trim their hooves. Next I break the hole that holds the top of the tree. I fixed that by stuffing in. The day is far from over as I soon find out. 4 strings of lights mysteriously have quit working after being placed in the box after last Christmas. I like a lot of lights but not this year! I decided not to replace them. After Christmas I plan on buying a new tree that already has lights on it! 

Remember when I said the day is not over? Well a bit later on I go outside to show Pat where I want to place my candycane lights and bonked my head on a rail that is eye level! I did it hard enough to see stars! Next I place a load of clothes in the dryer and bonk my head again on an open cabinet door! I am telling you. It was not my day!

Pat and I go down to the barn to fix a wall between the stalls that had been kicked out. He holds the board and I drive the nails in. In my right hand I am holding a hammer. My left hand is holding nail. Right hand then proceeds to hit left hand with hammer! I scream, Pat drops board, board hits knee, I scream again! I now have an excuse for limping!

Brook has the tree halfway decorated. We will finish up tomorrow after she comes home from school before leaving for Tae Kwon Do. Her test is Tuesday for her red belt.

My fudge came out a bit soft. I think I need to cook it for another minute.

It is going to be cold tonight! It is 22 right now with a wind chill of 10. This is the way it will be for the next 3 or 4 days. Hopefully the pipes won't freeze. I have the water dripping now. I am afraid to not let it! Our waterline is 860 feet long. That is a long way to go and anywhere along that line it can freeze if it does not move! The water has been turned off going to the outside hydrant and I opened it up so any water in the lines will expand out the opening and hopefully not burst the pipe.

I think I will go to bed now. I am so tired. Pain sure does make you sleepy!



  1. omg, not your day indded. the only good thing about such a day is that tomorrow has got to be better! hang in. margo

  2. Oh what a horrible day...Ouch, ouch, and ouch...I would have been so mad....Sorry about this day....I understand what your saying about the lights on the tree...Its a sister has one of those folks up ones...its agreat idea and looks awesome.....Now, another question....Do you know of any links where I could learn how to put wallpaper on my entries? Pretty cool...I loved this one..-Raven

  3. Celeste what an awful day you had ~ Ouch ouch and ouch again ~
    hope Brook gets on well next Tuesday will be thinking about her ~ Hope your day today will be pain free ~ Ally


  5. Wow I hope you were able to sleep ok.

  6. I hope you didn't wake up completely black and blue today.  OUCH!!!

  7. you needed to go back to bed and start

  8. Celeste
    Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed and it sounds like you had one of those days.  I hope you recover quickly from all your new bruises.  Good luck making through this cold spell.  I'll be helping you hope that the long waterline doesn't burst.

  9. (((( CELESTE))))  Girl, you need a hug!!!!lol
    Please let Brook do the rest of the tree! lol
    love ya,

  10. I think going to bed was a very good idea. I hope you didn't fall out!


  11. That snowing background is just too cool...I want one!!

  12. ok I am worried about you knocking yourself out so much are you ok lol
    donna in TEXAS


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