Saturday, August 26, 2006


Our vacation started out great! First stop was Carlene in small town Georgia. We had a great time there. I met her beautiful daughter also. All I have to say, if you ever get down to see her make sure you get some of the BBQ! It really is some of the best I have had. (Don't tell my sister! Her and her hubby own a BBQ place!) Meeting Carlene was like meeting an old friend. It was so comfortable. She really is like the person you read in her journal. Hugs to you girl! I hope to get back there soon!

In my last entry for Round Robin, some people commented about freeway driving. Normally we avoid the freeway. We went most of the way to Atlanta on side roads, but in order to get to where we were going and to arrive without driving twice as long (time was at a premium) we hoit the freeway near Atlanta. I hated it. I don't like it in a car or truck much less a motorcycle! Those people drive like idiots! It was not the out of state people either, it was people that lived there!

So anyway, after my delightful visit with Carlene I went to my best friend's house about an hour away from Carlene. There we stayed the night. We played in the pool and ate grilled chicken. The next morning I got up to go to church with her. It was a great place.

Then off to my niece's house. I will save that for my next entry.


  1. LOL!  I'm glad you share my views of Atlanta drivers.  By the way, Dallas drivers and St. Louis drivers are just as bad.

  2. How fun!!!  Jae

  3. it was people that lived there!<------ GF YOU AREN'T KIDDDING! You're taking your life in your own hands down here.  GA 400 I-85, I-75 or 285  any of them, there are no road rules.  I've seen people make a right hand exit from the HOV lane!!!  More than ONE reason why I ride MARTA.
    Nelishia in ATLANTA

  4. So far sounds like an awesome start...can't wait to hear the rest of the story...huggies...TerryAnn

  5. Celeste glad you were having such a good time and meeting Carlene ~ We get some idiot drivers on our Motorways seems some things are the same the world over ~ look forward to hearing how it went at your nieces house ~ Ally

  6. Idiot drivers? Hmmmm... You just described 90% of the drivers here. Lol. Glad you had an enjoyable time! Can't wait to see you!

  7. Celeste
    I'm glad you and Pat stay off the freeways for the most part.  It sounds like your trip was fun and Wow!  How great it is to get to meet a J-Lander!  I'm looking forward to hearing about the rest of the trip.  Great shot of you and

  8. That freeway system going in and out of Atlanta is nasty!

    What a great vacation you had :)


  9. So glad you had such a wonderful time!

  10. That's how it was for us when we met Dornbrau and her family. It was like meeting a beloved old friend for the first time!

  11. Do not ever drive in Mass.  The Mass. Turnpike is a NASCAR race course, or at least they think so.  


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