Tuesday, August 1, 2006

just things

WOW times sure flies when your having fun. If you consider cleaning house, washing clothes, weeding, getting hot, cutting hands, etc fun! LOL!

So the week has been long. We did get the pool up. It took 2 days to fill it up, not because it is a big pool but because we have low water pressure. Brook has been having a ball in it. She has had a friend come over the last 2 days to swim with her. Now that the pool is up I have one more job to do... keeping it clean!

My daughter's car is broke down again so I have been going to get her every morning and taking them to work. and bringing them home. Yesterday I brought them here because they got off early and cooked dinner while they were in the pool swimming.  I made stuffed bell peppers, fried corn and Brussels sprouts, with all the veggies coming from my garden.

Pat is taking the week of the 20th off for vacation. Not sure of what or where we are going. I would like to go somewhere even if only for a weekend!

My walking is doing good. I can go for longer distances and faster but I do have to hold back some while walking with K, she is unable to keep up with me. I am riding my bike in the house to get in extra exercises!

Brook will be going back to Tae Kwon Do soon. Probably will wait until school starts back. the doctor gave her permission to get back into it as long as she does not do any handstands or stuff like that. He does not want her putting her weight on her arm for at least another month.

School starts back in 10 days for Brook. She is ready and waiting! 3rd grade this year. Dang they sure do grown up fast.

Well time to go. My walk was delayed this morning. It will be hot now by the time we finish. Catch up later.


  1. Hi Celeste,

    What I would have done for a pool when in the recent heatwave! :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  2. I'd love having one of those pools for the girls (and for me) but the thought of having to clean it sorta changes my mind.

  3. Glad Brook is able to have fun in the pool ~ bet she is glad that cast has gone ~ hope your daughters car gets mended soon to save you all the running around ~ Hope you get to go somewhere nice when Pat has his vacation ~ nice that your walking is going so well ~ and riding the bike as well ~ Ally

  4. I hope someone cooks dinner for you while you get to lounge in the pool- maybe vacation? The veggies sound wonderful!

  5. Mum's really are brave soldiers aren't they?  You get an injury but you still have to clean the pool - and you don't even get to go in it yourself.  Hope your turn comes soon! lol
    Angie, x

  6. actually not much to keeping the pool clean...get a good vaccuum...they now have ones that just do the work by themselves...and you just check to make sure checmical balance is good....usually takes about half hour each evening to do it all...if the pool has been used...if not...you can skip a day...easier to do it a little at a time rather than say once a week...we have sure enjoyed our....big time...best thing we have ever done LOL....well lately anyway...LOL...and Celeste glad your walking is good...and that Brook enjoys the pool...you are such a busy busy little bee....LOL..Hugs from KY...Ora

  7. Fried corn?
    You are always so busy, I get tired when I come here ===yawn===!  Jae

  8. Summer is almost over, isn't it?

    I don't think I have had fried corn, either!


  9. So very glad to hear Brooke is getting back to normal.  Sounds like you are as well.  ;o)  -  Barbara

  10. Health, health, health! Isn't it great?


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