Monday, August 7, 2006

It is so hot today. I need to water my garden but it really does not seem to help it any. So dry out. It hit 100 before noon today. It is down to 98 right now.

Brook, Pat and I got out in the pool today. The water was so good. LOL felt like cool bath water. Pat had bought some water guns and they decided that I was to be the prime target! It was fun anyhow!

UHHHHHHH. Just had to run out and catch a horse. Precious got out. We had a break in the fence and I was hoping that the makeshift way I fixed it would keep her in. No dice. So there I was out in 100 degree weather mending fence and catching a wayward horse. I swear I will lock that fatty up if she gets out again!

The weekend? A bust. Would of had a better weekend if I had been in Hades and I am not talking the heat. I will leave it at that.

I need to do my 10 good things list again. I think I will try it here instead of a seperate entry. Too hot to reload page.

1. This is first day of a new week.

2. Brook was here all week until Friday afternoon. She always makes my heart glad.

3. My stitches are out and I can get wet. Dang did it feel good to wash my head again!

4. Put up a couple messes of Brussel sprouts.

5. For the first time my strip dumplings came out the way they were suppose to for chicken and dumplings.

6. My walking is staying on track.

7. I am getting caught up on laundry.

8. My A/C is working.

9. The lawn mower is broke. (A blessing because of the heat!)

10. I am alive ( had bad weekend and wished for a lightening strike)

That's it for now. Back to laundry room, dryer buzzed. After that who knows what I will do, maybe nothing. I will be alone soon.



  1. Shoulda known she'd get out!  What a funny girl, wanting to run away all the time!  Good thing you've got that pool for a break!  Jae

  2. Stitches are best after they are out! Sorry you had a bad weekend. I hope you have a good week to make up for it.


  3. Number 8 and 9 go quite well together. Stay cool, Paula

  4. #4 - never cared for brussel sprouts....and #5 - have tried making dumplings twice...both times they were like rubber...gave it up...sorry for the rotten week end...but the pool sounded delicious...and glad lawn mower is got your exercise with Precious...(right now I would be changing her name LOLOL)...stay cool kid...Brook will make your week worth it all.....hugs...Ora

  5. Arrgghh! Brussel sprouts! <tongue hanging out and drooling>

  6. I started walking this week. I picked the hundred degree weather to start in, too. It is like taking a bath in sweat!


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