Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vacation saga

The next day dawned pretty. After taking pictures we ate breakfast and went fishing. Pat was real cute in his shorts and boots. I forgot to pack our tennis shoes. LOL After fishing we ate a lunch, packed up and headed out.

We hopped on 411 and headed north towards the mountains. The day started out hot and muggy and soon cooled down. Everywhere we went it had just rained! Somehow we kept missing it. We found a Dairy Queen out in the middle of no where and decided to stop for an ice cream. After all it was our vacation. We decided to indulge a bit. While sitting there I looked out the window. On one side of the place it was pouring down rain. It had yet to get to the bike. We ran out to move the bike under a cover at the gas station next door. O dear. While sitting there I indulge a bit more. They had single pieces of chocolate covered orange creams. Yummy! The rain was short lived. It came hard and fast. After it was over we wiped the bike down and moved on down the road headed towards Maggie Valley North Carolina.

It was a beautiful ride lots of mountains and pretty scenes. We went to Tulula Falls where the Great Wallenda walked across the Tallulah river gorge on a high wire. The beauty of that place is breathtaking. the pictures do not do it justice.

 After leaving there we headed out agin. After a bit we got to Maggie Valley and decided to just stay the night there and head out in the morning to the Smokies.

 At the motel we headed to the hot spa and relaxed!


  1. Wow Celeste, you deserved this!  I'm happy for you.

  2. Celeste this all sounds lovely ~ am enjoying the ride with you ~ Ally

  3. I agree with Ally, I'm really enjoying this ride with you.  Glad you are taking the time to stop and smell the roses, or, as the case may be, eat the chocolate covered orange creams, LOL!  Looking forward to hearing about the Smokies part of the trip.

  4. That is a pretty area

  5. TULULA FALLS IS THE FIRST PLACE IN THE MOUNTAINS THAT DANNY TOOK ME WHEN WE GOT MARRIED! Then every year afterwards, we would go and camp in a tent up in Maggie Valley with his sister and brother-in-law!!!! I love the pictures Celeste..they bring back good memories.
    love ya,

  6. hiking, spa & dairy queen  looks like a fun vacation...  

  7. Hot spas will fix everything! It sounds like a lovely trip :)


  8. Oh, it is so pretty. I want to go!!  The cat across the street is named Tallulah...

  9. OK...Now you've made me ache for the mountains.

  10. I am wallowing in envy!


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