Monday, August 24, 2009

Scrubs needed for new job

Help is needed once again. Can you give a hand up?

Scrubs needed for new job

This Mom is not a blogger, but found this blog while searching the Net:

I am in need of a scrub set for my daughter's job. After putting in over 200 applications my daughter is going to work at a hospice job starting August 24th. She is the mother of a 3 year old little girl and we live with my 84 year old mother. She can wear her regular clothing to the first week of book work, but on the second week she will be going out and will wear scrubs. She doesn't have any scrub tops or pants to wear. She will not get a pay check before then either as she gets paid biweekly and will work 3 weeks before she gets her check. Her first check will have to go for food and bills. She won't be able to afford to buy any scrubs for a while. I was wondering if someone out there might have some scrub tops or scrub pants on hand that they don't need anymore in a size medium. They can be any color. The tops can be print, flower or solid. I would appreciate any help anyone can give us. Thanks everyone in advance.

Please contact me @ if you can help. ~Mary

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