Sunday, September 6, 2009


I have neglected my blog. For some reason every time I cam here my mind went blank.

Time has flown since I passed my motorcycle class. I got my full fledged license to ride my bike. Pat and I have been riding everywhere! On our first "long trip"(one that was longer than 20 miles) we went to Hale's Bar on the Tennessee River. That was a round trip of just short of 100 miles. I had a blast! Brook went with us on the back of Pat's bike.

I have now rode my bike at night, in the rain, in the rain at night. I have rode in the big town(Chattanooga) during rush hour traffic. I had had to stop fast or run into an idiot that pulled out in front of me. I have had the finger (I was going to slow to suit them, about 5 miles under speed limit). Slid in gravel and dropped my bike. So when do I become a real biker? LOL

I got a new set of teeth because the first set had a bad bite. it took 3 weeks of complaining before anybody actually paid any attention to what I was saying. By anyone I mean the same person every time. The head honcho took over and made my new set. I had to go back one time for an adjustment and that has been it. I guess it is time for Pat to take pictures of me for everyone to see!

I am hoping that Candy will have some big news soon. I won't tell you what it is until I get the news.

The scales show that I am down to 180 pounds now. 40 more to go and they sure are hard to get off! I was not able to take the exercise class this month so I will need to get my rear in gear and lose on my own.

Ok I am off. I won't stay gone so long next time.


  1. LOL! I neglect my blog all the time. Anytime I get a little busy it is the internet that gets cut out. If I have time I always want to read what everyone else is doing instead of posting myself.

    Glad to see you around and it's great you are enjoying your bike so much. I miss mine in the fall. That was always my favorite time to ride.

  2. Proud of you for doing this biking thing. Just be careful! I guess you hear that a one more won't hurt. lol.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  3. So you neglected the blog partly because you became a hot biking Mama. I say that is a better way to pass the time!

  4. I neglect my blog also. I need to post today. And I plan to get much more active in posting in the future.

    I have often grappled w why I neglect to post, bc it is something I WANT to do, not something I have to do. yet I still struggle. I think part of my problem is burn out. I have had to go thru so much in my life, and i just need a rest for awhile. When I get that much needed rest I can get back to regular blogging again. It IS going to happen, LOL...

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  5. Glad you are getting out there and doing things, enjoying yourself. Just be careful. ;o)

    Looks like I'm probably gonna end up needing teeth, too. Alas!

    Why is weight so hard to get off in our age range? Even if you do all the right things....all the things that used to work for you? Alas!


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