Monday, August 17, 2009

Give a Hand Up

Can you remember being a young married couple? Imagine being a young married couple with nothing. How about extending a Hand Up to this young couple. He is a disabled young man and she is just returning from a tour in Iraq. The request is for a card but I think we can do a little bit more. Read the letter here on Give a Hand up.

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  1. Not to be negative, but there is something off in her explanation of the young couple's circumstances. Everyone I know, who has been deployed to Iraq, receives their regular military wages, as well as support for their dependents at home. That, along with even a minimum wage job should allow for better circumstances than portrayed. Also, the mother's financial circumstances open the door for grants for that college education for the son. Also, I didn't see where it indicated the young man is disabled.

    But then again, all she asked for was a card. That seems like not much to ask. You are a very kind person.


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