Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday was a big day around here. We went to see a couple of horses and ended up bringing them home with us. A mother and daughter team named Cheyenne and Easter.The place where they were at was nothing but a mud hole. The owner wanted to sell them and get them out of the mud. They belonged to his wife who had recently died.
They are beautiful horses! They are American Saddlebred. Cheyenne is well broke. Easter on the other hand, is not broke at the age of 5. We are thinking of sending her to a trainer if it is not way too expensive. These 2 have never been separated. They need to be. Enjoy the pictures.


  1. They are beautiful. I hope you can get Easter trained at a reasonable price. Helen

  2. How beautiful they are. How sad to think they were stuck in a mud hole, but I know that with some tlc they'll do just fine now.

  3. Saw your tweet! They are pretty. Sounds like you will be having some fun.

  4. Good grief, how many horses do you have now?

    Rachel had a Saddlebred she showed in 4H. He was a great horse.

  5. Hi Celeste, Sooo pretty. Good luck with them.


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