Friday, May 15, 2009


Today I turned 50. I have yet to hear Happy Birthday from Pat.


  1. Well, Happy Birthday from ME!

  2. Happy birthday dear and may you be wiser for every year!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! If you don't hear soon...give him a reminder. Men are like that sometimes. Have a wonderful day and treat yourself to something special!!!
    'On Ya'-ma

  4. Celeste Happy Birthday hope it will be a special one for you ~ Ally x

  5. I scrolled down and saw this entry. Give him the day, he may even surprise you. Too soon to think anything yet.

    Should it pass, find out what is occupying his thoughts ... THEN let him know what you think.

    This is far harder than it reads, I know. But it will be fair for the relationship.

    By the way, Happy Birthday Celeste!! You have one of the best names around!!

  6. Happy birthday!

    Cliff would never remember my birthday if I didn't remind him. But I wouldn't trade him for anything or anybody.

  7. Hope your day was a nice one. Wish I was 50 again but not to live through the death of my husband again. John usually asks me do I need to buy you a flower or something. I say well if you have to ask, no I guess you don't need to. lol


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