Friday, July 21, 2006

Saying thank you

I received an alert this morning from a journal I read, Lost in my own thoughts, that I just had to copy.

There is a web site dedicated to sending postcards to a soldier stationed in Iraq and other overseas places that just says thank you. You can write your own message n the space and Xerox will print it out and mail it to a soldier. Go there now and Let's Say Thanks!



  1. Celeste what a lovely idea ~ Ally

  2. Great idea.  I have sent some.

  3. Glad your walks are going so careful with the sneaks up on people. Your vegies sound like they are going great...that is wonderful.
    I had alot of catching up to do...I will definitely be going to the site for the postcards...thanks for all the sharing.

  4. There is a short movie called The Dash I just saw earlier this week that is just about the momemts in our life. Check it out at


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