Monday, July 10, 2006

good day , with a twist

I had a wonderful day yesterday. The kids came over after church and did some yardwork getting it ready for the pool. LOL They did not get a lot of it done before we got hit with a big rain! They came in soaked! the sky just opened up and started pouring!

I fixed dinner, (pork loins, green beans, corn, salad bar, and rolls) and my friend K brought up some fresh baked zucchini bread. We ate out on the patio set and had a good visit. The temperature had cooled off and there was plenty to eat. After dinner we got the horses out and rode them. They are behaving so much better with Belle gone. Neither horse gave us a lick of trouble. As fat as Precious is, she gave me a ride that was enjoyable. My son in law ride her also. It was his first time on a horse. Now he is a rather large man (300 pounds) so Precious was the only one that could handle him.( She is pushing 1000 pounds herself) I was surprised that she gave him a ride at all. She did , even got up into a rack for him. LOL He did not know that she racks on voice command. You tell her to get up and she starts racking. I love that rack! It is so smooth!

K went home and I went with her for a bit. She wanted to show me something in her yard. It was weird and made me angry. She did not recognize it for what it was. There was a devil star painted in her yard. Someone had painted a sign on the ground in her yard. She thought it was just a circle but as I backed up from it I could see the star inside of it.

Afterwards, when everyone had gone home and Brook was asleep, Pat was talking to me. He said something that just about blew me away. He actually admitted that a lot of the trouble between him and Candy was mostly his fault! Never thought I would hear that coming out of his mouth!

So that was my day. Hope yours was as good.


  1. thegirlnexdoor77July 10, 2006 at 8:34 AM even had a man admit he was wrong...dinner sounds great...sounds like it was a great yesterday...hugs,TerryAnn

  2. Im glad you had a good day. Y'all needed more rain and cooler temps, glad you got them :) I love riding gaited horses, one season in '87 I showed a Saddlebred and he was so flashy, smooth riding, but such a brat. very MUCH different from my quarter horses. Why would some idiot piant a devil star in K.'s yard?!?!! better make a report and watch her animals and kids for a bit, just incase some freaks are messing around her place, one cannot be too careful.

  3. Hey -- thanks for your greeting on my blog! I'll be sure to stay in touch, and I really appreciate your interest...

    -Journals Editor Jeff

  4. sometimes step children are hard to get along with I hope that thing between them have changed

  5. Your dinner sounds delicious! We had fried chicken and big butter beans and corn bread...with ice tea of course! lol
    I am so glad that your friend has you to help her out and keep her company...
    That was sweet of Pat to admit his faults...alot of men would never do that..and alot of women wouldn't either! Takes a big man to admit when he is wrong.
    love ya,

  6. Did K report the incident to the police. I hope so at least they will have a report of it. I am sorry that someone would do that to her.
    The horse riding sounds like fun. Would love to see what your horses look like.
    Take Care


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