Saturday, July 1, 2006

1,000,000,000 for 100?

1,000,000,000 for 100? : John talked about a contest where you would get 1 billion dollars for making a car that got 100 miles to a gallon of gas. He wanted to know our thoughts on it. Well here's mine.

I believe the technology to manufacture this car is already there. Our motorcycle gets 50 MPG right now. It is not a small engine. It is powerful enough to pull a trailer behind it. It was made in 1996. We looked at some new ones and some of them are getting 70 plus MPGs!

What I think the problem is ...who will buy them? Who can afford them? The cheapest car I found is 2007 ChevroletAveo Compact Sedan

MSRP: $9,430-$13,250
City: 26 mpg
Hwy: 34 mpg

reminds me of the old Gremlin... Listed in today's paper is a house in town for $12,000. I am not talking a run down house in a slum area. I have been in this house and it is nice in a nice part of town with trees and flowers. 
Then I see in the paper where the feds have raised interest rates 17 times in the past 5 years to fight inflation. And this is an economy that is doing good? That is what they keep telling us.
So we are a fat nation. They want us to lose weight and get fit. How to do that? Raise the price of food so high we can't afford to eat anything but beans! There we go. That will reduce our demand on gas! We will produce our own!
Wait a minute. How are we going to afford even beans? We have to be able to get to work. How far do you have to drive to work? How much does it cost you to get there and home again? Is it fair that we are having to pay MORE each month for gas to get to work to pay the bills and buy food than our mortgage payment is? As I understand it, housing is supposed to be our biggest expense not gas!
So come on develop that car. Let us look at it and wonder how can we afford it.


  1. lol...we'll make our own gas! That was funny...but I spend a lot of time w/ my 2 yo who thinks boldily functions are halarious.

    I am with you on this one, I also think the technology is there for the good gas mileaged car but the consumers are spoiled with thier fancy cars and SUVs (me being one of them!)  Last fall when I was car shopping for my new car, I looked at the Aveos.....hubby said it reminded him of the FLintstones and if we ran the AC, had a full car, and were driving up the hill we'd have to push because the car ....I didnt argue, hes the expert.

  2. We need to have transportation that doesn't require anything from the middle east.


  3. The tecnology has been around for a long time for more fuel effecient or alternate fuel powered cars. Quess who buys the patents on this engines?????????? And then round files the plans????????? I think we are getting to a critical mass point where the consumers are demanding a better way of doing things. Voting with our dollars will eventually change things, hopefully it will not be too late .

  4. You tell them girl!!!  I thank God we rednecks actually like beans and rice.  Dumplings is also a very cheap meal.  -  Barbara

  5.   LOL. Talk about this topic, and it is only a matter of time before someone comes out of the woodwork making outrageously silly conspiracy theory claims. "Oh, someone invented a 100mpg engine back in 19(insert your favourite year here) and the oil companies bought the patent, and sat on it, and bribed the patent office to remove all record of it from their files, and assasinated anyone who had ever seen the plans, and brainwashed the public into docility through the use of psychotropic drugs in the gasoline that come out in the exhaust fumes. Oh, and the oil companies are actually all owned by evil space aliens whose ultimate plan is to conquer the earth quietly through subterfuge. Why, Condoleeza Rice is actually an alien in disguise, as is Karl Rove, and the entire top rank of every major military organisation in the world. In fact, the Islaamic terrorists are the only ones who are not under the control of the aliens, and are actually fighting for the freedom of every human being on the planet..."



    What were we talking about again?

  6. I saw something on TV about a Smart car. It was cute but I would hate to be in it and meet up with a semi. Paula


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