Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year, same stuff, new stuff

  Today is a new year, 2013. I want so much for this to be a good year, who doesn't? I honestly do not know what the year will bring. I know I will live unless I die, then I will quit living.

Will I start a diet? Most likely. Will I fail at it? Most likely. More than likely I will not make it past the first day. Should I get a book?   I might read it. Maybe a cookbook? Interesting. An exercise dvd for older fat people?   Whatever I do, I will be doing for me and for my family. I want to live.

I tipped the scales this morning at 203.8. My blood pressure was 144/85. Not good. I have not been taking care of myself. I have to change that. I am so busy taking care of Brook and Pat. How can I take care of them if I kick the bucket?

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