Sunday, January 6, 2013

diet phooey

I am working on my physical life right now. Not happy with my health the way it is right now. The aches and pains are compounded by my extra weight. The extra weight complicates my GERD and my diabetes. My blood pressure has gone up.

Today I had a Slimfast for breakfast, fish for lunch and italian chicken is in the crookpot for dinner. I am satisfied for now.


  1. I love doing things in the crock pot. Glad you are doing good with your diet.

  2. Celeste: I totally relate to your conundrum about health. 3.5 yrs ago I did my very best to switch to as much of an organic diet as possible. I fell off that wagon in 2010 after an accident. Well, last Spring I went back on my organic diet lifestyle. I started a new workout in November. I'm losing the weight finally. I feel better than I've ever felt. One thing I suggest you might want to try: Shark Liver Oil. Can be found here:
    It changed my life! If was like flipping a light switch off/on.
    Benefits of shark liver oil:

  3. This morning at church the preacher said to me and Cliff, "So, are you two having a good new year?" The two of us simultaneously answered, "No."
    He asked why, and I said, "Because we are on a diet!"
    He laughed so hard!

  4. Sounds good... it is a start... and there are some low-impact but high burn exercises on You Tube that I would talk you through if you'd like that..!


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