Thursday, January 10, 2013

hate being sick

I cannot seem to kick this stupid cold to the curb. Not losing a dang thing except sleep.

I worry about Pat. His physical health is stable right now but I am worried about his mental health. He is suffering from depression but refuses to acknowledge it. He told the doctor no. I live with him. I see it. He is down about retirement and his health and no money. He deals with it by using anger. I cannot say anything to him because he will get angry... Brook and I have both noticed some short term memory loss. I hope it is not Alzheimer. Several members of his family have it. I wonder if his carotid is stopping up? Reduced blood flow to brain... All I can do is watch out for him, which I do do in spite of his insistence otherwise.

Headed into laundry room. Never ending job.

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