Friday, July 24, 2009

New adventure

I am excited. I have a secret(and no it is not something to eat or feed)! I can't tell you yet what it is. I can tell you will give me plenty to write about!

In the meantime let's talk about something else. How bout them Braves? LOL Had to throw that in. Round here people actually say that! Well I don't simply because I do not follow baseball. My mama did. She could tell you about them Braves. LOL

Still looking for hay. Most people round baled the spring cutting because of the rain. Now because of the NO rain there has no been a second cutting. Hopefully with the slightly cooler temps hay will once again be growing for the cutting!

Easter is a beautiful horse but, yep there is a but in there. Easter has a kicking problem. She kicked Brook in the hip and Pat in the shoulder. Luckily neither was hurt bad. We believe she also nailed Precious as she had a swollen leg yesterday. We know she has been kicking Crystal.We are sending her out for training. If she does not come back with a more respectful attitude to us then we will be selling her. I have a feeling we will be selling her anyway. If anyone out there has a sure fire way of breaking her of that habit I would be happy to hear of it.

OK time for hot chocolate then bed. Good night all.


  1. Don't you just hate people who say "I've got a secret" and then say ......... nothing!!!! - tee hee

  2. Yeah, what Daddy said. Not fair!

  3. A secret? Do tell!! Can't wait to hear it!

  4. Hot chocolate? Gimme something cold. I'm waiting with baited breath to read about your secret.

  5. I now know that horses have that bad habit. I thought only when they're spooked or something... like shown in movies, etc.

    That is one high kickin' horse.


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