Friday, June 13, 2008

Life goes on

Life goes on so the saying goes. I suppose it does in one form or another.

The horses are staying in the fence now. Did I mention that Crystal had been at the breeder's? I sure hope she is pregnant this time. I have got to call and set up an ultrasound to make sure. If she is then there are shots she will need as the pregnancy progresses.

I have been trying to do major house cleaning and that has been limiting my time on line. I have to. It is so easy to sit here in front of the computer and do nothing around here. I rather enjoy watching scans run and looking at new stuff for the computer even if I can't get anything. I do get some stuff from PC Mag sometimes. I must be doing something right by my computer since it has never crashed. The only trouble I have had is a plastic divider broke that was between the motherboard and the rest of the computer. A paperclip stuck in there fixed that right up. I really do need to get an external hard drive. I need something simple and holds a lot. I also really need to get some more memory. My next computer , sometimes in the far distance future, will have much more memory and hard drive space. LOL My last computer was maxed out at 64K with a 20 GB hard I am doing good now compared to that.

Buddy has no respect for the fact I am trying to type here. He keeps walking across the keyboard. He has now settled down on the mouse pad. He has been in a loving mood lately. I think he is a bit jealous of the new kittens in the bedroom.

Does anybody have any of those clean air machines? I have been thinking of getting some. I need one for the bedroom for sure and the living room. I am thinking of putting a small one under the desk where my tower is. It gets so dusty there. Having birds we get dustier than usual. Also living out in the country seems to contribute a lot to it also. With Pat's asthma, and I know it will get worse as time goes by, I am thinking that I need to get some. I use allergen filters on the A/C unit and my vacuum has a HEPA filter.

I harvested my broccoli. It is hard having an organic garden. Worms had started eating up my plants. I was grossed when I  blanched the broccoli for the freezer. Worms would pop up to the top of the water. They are the same color, green, so they are real hard to see. And broccoli heads are so dense that I did not see them when I was cutting them up. Shows the important of blanching food before freezing! My Brussels  should be ready soon. I prefer baby size on them. I am going to pull up the broccoli this weekend and plant something else. Maybe some
squash will be good in that spot.

The dryer buzzed and I have towels to fold. I also need to fix me something to eat. I get on here and all track of time leaves. I will be back.

Day By Day

Learn from Yesterday..
Live for today..
Hope for tomorrow..



  1. Wow you've been busy. It IS easy to lose track of time on the computer, isn't it? Gross about those worms..UGH!
    Hope you have a good day.

  2. ally123130585918June 13, 2008 at 2:35 PM

    I hope Crystal is pregnant this time ~ won't that be great if she is ~ Glad you blanched your broccoli beore freezing it ~ I would hate to eat one of those green worms :o( ~ ~ Ally x

  3. I think my computer is in a different time zone.  How many times have I sat here at the puter and something is burning on the stove right behind me.  Hubby says food seems to be dry anymore.  Geez, I don't know why!!  And I just put black pepper in the noodle water.     Marlene

  4. Oh Celeste, we all have the problem, I think.  I get in front of this darned machine and who knows when I'll surface for sustenance?  Might be an hour ... could be an entire day.  

  5. Worms are high in protein, aren't they?



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