Friday, May 2, 2008


Weighed in this morning. My weight was 190. It is down 3 pounds from last week. It is not an actual loss. Why do I say that? Well last week was water retention week. The only good thing I can say is I am not gaining. Need better control of hand to mouth movement.

I walked 2.1 miles every day this week. I am proud of myself. Today I walked alone since K did not feel up to it. I took Scampi with me for companionship. LOL.  I am enjoying my walks. I made it today in 45 minutes. I can walk it faster without K. I could walk it a lot faster if it was flat ground. The beginning of my walk is downhill, my driveway. Next comes a hill that is a steep grade uphill. It is short so there are no brake warnings! LOL There should be. I'm telling you the cars can really get some speed going coming down it.  Once past that hill it is a gradual uphill then it drops down. The last leg of the first mile is flat ground. Now the turn around and back up the hill LOL. Today I had a variety of smells to tickle my senses. The pleasant scent of fertilizer whiffed though the air causing my nose to crinkle. Next the wonderful smell of bacon (on the hoof) assaulted my senses. Soon afterwards the sweet scent of rotting flesh greeted me. All I can say is, good thing I have a strong stomach!

Brook is working hard at her black belt training. The first test is Tuesday. That test will be testing her on forms, grab techniques, knife defense, and throws.

We got the part for the motorcycle. Now all that is left is to put it on the bike and it will be ready to go. With gas over $3.50 a gallon we need it back on the road. With the bike we will be able to go places on the weekend, maybe take a short vacation.

Time for me to get busy. I have lots to do before the weekend gets here. I need to shampoo the hall again and finish the living room. See y'all soon.


  1. I was enjoying your recount of your walk....until I got to the rotting flesh!! OMG my stomach turned....I am NOT kidding LOL!
    I've been wanting to take a walk this morning....but now....well....LOL. ANY excuse to avoid it huh?

  2. ... good for you ..!  Now, that is a LOT of walking, especially starting out ... some little two pound hand weights and swinging your arms in a relaxed and smooth criss cross will help tone your arms and shoulders ...

    ... water retention or not ... a loss is a loss ..!  

    ... ah, the wonderful smells of the country ..!  I actually miss them ... better than the smell of small animals stuck and left to waste in the city ...

    ... great for Brook ... it is something to see someone train so intently for something, isn't it?  That it is a martial art makes it clearer to see ... man, what that is going to do for her confidence ..!

    ... when I go to Detroit, I am going to let AKA put me on the back of her cycle ... I used to let her take me until we crashed ..!  After that, I was like 'no more for me ..!'

    ... enjoy the day ...

  3. ... LOL ... I guess I had my entries mixed up ...  I like the show ... looks so peaceful out there ..1

  4. ally123130585918May 2, 2008 at 1:39 PM

    Celeste I enjoyed you pictures ~ and well done on losing 3 pounds ~ you are right to feel proud of yourself walking a couple of miles a day ~ wishing Brook Good Luck with her test on Tuesday ~ and as for the price of petrol it really has got out of hand ~ Ally x

  5. Good for you. I would like to sit on that porch with you and chat with a cup of coffee. No not chat with a cup of coffee, chat with you. lol Sometime I type before I get my brain in gear. lol Paula

  6. Nice job on the walking - those hills will build some nice muscles :-)


  7. Sounds like you are doing great Celeste!!  Way to go!  -  Barbara


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