Tuesday, May 6, 2008

gettin things done

The weekend was a busy one. I did not do any walking but I did keep active. We had a good rain the first half of the day. Not enough to soak things but there was enough to water the garden good. The plants are growing nicely. My big surprise was a peach! that's right I have a few peaches on my tree. Maybe, just maybe, I will actually get some peaches this year.  Yummy!

I started cutting grass Friday. I said started. I got the back yard cut and around the peach trees cut. I started cutting the garden area and that was it. I ran over some wire and that was the end of my cutting. I thought, no problem. I will just get the wire off and finish up. I unwrapped wire from the blades and there was still wire there. I could not get it all off. So I got out the ratchet set to remove the nut that holds the blade on. I drove the mower u p on the ramps and started working on it. What a struggle. Pat had it on so tight that I could not get it off. I pushed and pulled, even used my legs. It was a no go. All I got out of it was bruises on my arm, cuts on my hand and grass in my face. So I said to myself, ok, no problem, Pat can do it tomorrow. I will just use the weed eater. I mixed up some gas for it, replaced the primer button with the new on(the old one had cracked), and cranked it up. The darn thing would not stay going. So I check it over. The intake tube is split! then I see the filter floating in the gas tank not attached to anything. Now I have to use the short weed eater! Kind of frustrating when everything starts falling apart just as you start working. I have everything going again except for the weed eater. I still need to get to store and buy some new tubing for the intake.

We got the tractor going Sunday. Hooked up the cutting disc and worked on the garden.  We are having a bit of trouble with the tractor. Thinking maybe something is in gas tank because it tries to stop when we go uphill. After cutting the ground up pretty good I hooked up the tiller. We ran it until the battery went dead. I was going to finish yesterday but the battery was still charging. All I have is a trickle charger for the motorcycle. The big one died. Not a good year for equipment. I will be finishing up the garden in just a little bit.

We went for a bike ride Saturday. It felt so good to have the wind on my face again and the power of that bike between my legs. I thought it was so appropriate when the radio(yes we have a radio on the bike) started playing "Born To be Wild" I would love to get my own bike. I am looking forward to traveling the country on our bike. I am ready now! Just need to figure out all the places we want to go.

Tonight is Brook's first test towards her black belt. I think I am more nervous than she is. The next couple weeks are filled to the brim with stuff. 4 tests in 3 weeks, 2 school projects due, field day Friday at school, I will be totally grey headed when this is all over with!

Scampi is sick. That dog is so sensitive. yesterday he refused to eat or drink. he had fever all day. I gave him antibiotics. I have a 5 day supply here. I think it is his umm, male parts again.  I am making him drink. I have a bottle with a hole in the top and it dribbles in his mouth and he swallows.
He is doing better today but still not eating. He is moving around some today.
Okay, time for me to get busy. I need to eat and then outside to the garden. I hear the call of the tractor. (yes I really like riding it). And yes I did walk 2.1 miles this morning.


  1. There are three things that are the best therapy for me:  Riding my horse, riding the motorcycle with Cliff, and spending time at my cabin.  In the last two days, I've done all three.  I should be good to go.

  2. Oh, and if you come to Missouri, we'll ride a bit with you.  We know some good spots!

  3. Sounds like you've been busy! Glad you enjoyed the ride. I would love to do that. It's been so long since I've been on a bike.

  4. I know how frustrating it is when you're all in the mood for yard work and everything goes wrong. I did a lot of it in my younger days. It makes you feel soooo good to get out and work. Paula

  5. ally123130585918May 7, 2008 at 1:26 PM

    Celeste isn't it a nuisance when implements go wrong or you run over the cable ~ hope those cuts and bruises are getting better ~ glad you enjoyed your bike ride ~ do you wear earphones to listen to the radio ??? ~ Hope Brook got on well with her test ~ she has a lot of tests and projects ahead of her ~ Hope Scampi is feeling better ~ Ally x

  6. At that point, I think I would have been afraid to turn the stove/oven on for dinner!



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