Monday, July 2, 2007

The weekend, Saturday

Saturday Pat and I were going to take the horses to the park and ride. That did not work out. I got Precious all ready and went to get Crystal and Pat finally got moving. We brought Crystal up to the hitching post and checked her feet. Her left rear hoof had a horrible busted place in it and a nail sticking out. The shoe was loose and only had 1 nail on the busted side. Pat snipped the nail off and was about to pull the shoe. I convinced him that we needed to take her back to the farrier and get it fixed. We loaded her up ( which caused Precious to get rather anxious). We pulled up at the farrier and Crystal started getting bouncy and hollaring. She became a handfull. We walk her back and find out that they were trimming a stud's hooves. That horse is a horse ho. LOL She sees, smells or just thinks there is a stud around and she is ready to breed! Well anyway, they fix her shoe and warned Pat against any hard riding as that could cause the hoof to break more. She has white hooves. They are soft so they are prone to breakage. back home we just cool off and play on the net.

After a bit Pat and I decided to go on a bike ride. We took off and went down a road we have never been before. We ended up in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, Keown Falls Park. It is not far from our house but we have never been there. Iti s a right pretty place. We just rode thru as we were on the bike and all roads were gravel off the main road. NO way do I want to ride on gravel roads! Anyway we went thru there and thought we were following the loop but that was not so. We kept getting further and further out into the rural country. No stores, no lights, very few houses. Lots of darkness closing in on us. On we rode, lightening flashing, thunder rumbling in the distance. Soon the lightening and thunder was with us. Finally we see a store. We get therre as they were closing so could not enter to escape the storm looming overhead. We did find that we were a long ways from home. We had been traveling south instead of north. Yes we do have a GPS but guess what, with the storm we had no signal! Off we went, back on the road this time with a better sense of where we were and how to get home. racing against time and the storm. Surprisingly we managed to outride the storm and made it home dry and very tired!


  1. sounds like a very busy day

  2. Sounds exciting Cleste, that's my kind of way to do things, spur of the moment, they are hard to forget, sorry you couldn't do a horse back ride, that sounds fun. gg/Jackie

  3. Lord have mercy Celeste!!! That was close wasn't it???
    Glad yall got back safe!
    love ya,

  4. Very adventerous!  -  Barbara

  5. Well, poor Crystal ...

    ... but the day turned in to quite an adventure!

  6. Sounds like you two are a couple of little dare devils. Spur of the moment is fun. I wouldn't want to ride on gravel roads on a bike either. Well to be honest I wouldn't ride that kind of bike. lol Paula

  7. Wow what an adventure!! I'm glad the horse is all fixed up.  Your bike ride sounded so cool! I'd have enjoyed that!
    I recall being in Alabama and staying in a town that was along the Chattahoochee River. I used to laugh at the name! Beautiful little river town, though.
    Have a good night.

  8. I've heard that about GPS.  It doesn't make sense to have something not work during a storm when during a storm is precisely when you might need it most!


  9. Glad Crystal didn't damage her hoof too bad! Wow, outriding the storm! Good thing you don't live in Kansas, you'd be soaked!

  10. My farrier came out saturday. I am very impressed with him and the 'barefoot' trim method. I am so glad I found this guy!

    Precious, the horse-ho..hahaha for real?

    Im glad you out-ran the thunder-storm on the bike. If you lived in OKLA right now, you wouldnt want to ride at all. This rain EVERY single day is ridiculous. Everything is flooded.

  11. Allen rode in one storm and was in a severe accident which he almost if there is even a hint of rain...he does not ride in it...neither will glad you got to go out tho....sounds like you had a nice time....
    enjoy your holiday!!!

  12. "a right pretty place"

    And this is why I love you!  


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