Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The weekend, Sunday

Sunday we decided to go for another ride. This time it was in the truck. We wanted to try to do some fishing in the creek that we saw. This time I had my camera with me! LOL.

Since it was too early for real fishing we decided to do a little bit of sightseeing and a picnic. We went to the Keown Falls picnic area and would have hiked to the falls except it was too hot and the hike was 2 miles up a mountain! That changed our minds! LOL After the picnic we went up the first gravel road to John Mountain's Overlook. It was a bit of a hair raising ride, a narrow gravel road with switchback curves in it. I dreaded meeting another car coming down. Sure enough we meet 2 coming down while we were going up. We snuck up on them. They were not in their cars. They were digging in the bank where there were some small yellow flowers. They jumped up and got in their cars and drove off. We did a bit of exploring up there and I snapped a picture of a pretty purple flower. It looked so fragile.

Driving along the main road we spotted some blackberry bushes. Of course we had to stop and pick some.

Now it was time for fishing. Pat was more than ready. We stopped at a campsite along John's Creek and I saw 2 sights that made me sick. One was an ugly pile of garbage that somebody had left. The other was a scary sight. Someone has tossed a cigarette down while burning and had not bothered to even step on it. We are in the worst drought we have ever had, fire hazard is extremely high and they toss a smoke. I would have loved to have been there when they had done that. Only a total jerk(I say jerk because Brook is reading this over my shoulder) would do something like that. Those beautiful woods could have burnt and a number of animals killed or made homeless, along with the human lives that would have been in danger because of fighting the fire....... I picked up the pile of garbage and we took it to a dumpster that was less than half a mile away.

Anyway back to fishing. We found a spot on the creekand tossed our lines in. The fish were clearly visible but they were not biting! LOL There was a school of 30 -50 trout right under our noses but they would not touch any of our bait.  Finally the rain came and they started jumping out of the water.

One of the prettiest sights I saw I did not get a picture of. A hawk swooped down out of a tree and caught one of the trout we were trying to get. It was a beauty of a bird and the fish was so heavy that the hawk had trouble gaining altitude.

As I sit here and remember our wonderful trip I am being constantly reminded of it. From the waist down I got ate up by chiggers! itch itch itch!!!!


  1. Man, those chiggers!  Sounds like a perfect day other than the itchies!  

  2. please...what is a chigger?  a mosquito?

  3. Now, when I see that "crick" (how we say "creek") I just want to swim!

  4. I bet you got those chiggers while picking those blackberries. Danny would always say "grab hold of a lawn mower spark plug!" Hey, it works...lol
    I am with you...what ever dummy threw that burning cigarette on the ground needs his "butt" kicked...EVERYBODY knows that GEORGIA is in a SEVERE DROUGHT....and that trash....ugh..why is it there has always got to be someone that is so lazy that they can not pick up after themselves?
    I would have hauled it off to the dumpster too ...
    Take care and have a good 4th...
    love ya,

  5. Your entry sounds like a wonderful day except for the chiggers. I know what misery they can be. There always has to be someone to mar the countryside with their trash and thats just stupid to throw a cigarette out when its so dry. Paula

  6. ally123130585918July 4, 2007 at 9:54 AM

    Sounds like you had a lovely day ~ how thoughtless some people are to throw trash on the road ~ and as for the cigarette when is is so dry that is beyond belief ~ That Hawk has better luck with his fishing that you did :o) ~ Ally x

  7. Beautiful pics!! I can't believe someone would just throw a cig down on the ground. Thank God it didn't start a fire!!
    Glad you had a good time....'cept for the chiggers!


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