Monday, October 30, 2006

Pat is on vacation this week and we are having fun! Yesterday we went horseback riding in the park again. Precious did so much better. I did have an incident with her. We came up on this group of horses and she decided that she was going to play boss mare and tried to kick one of the horses while I was on her back. It was a bit scary!
I got her in control with a bit of help from Pat. She needs to be introduced to other horses 1 at a time. We rode with another guy that we met on th trail. It was nice riding with someone. He had a 14 year old gelding. For some reason she seemed to be okay with him, did not get close to him though!


  1. Celeste sounds like you had a good ride out ~ hope Precious don't do that again while you are riding her ~ have a lovely vacation~ Ally

  2. it was a great weekend for riding!

    mares are sometimes like that, they can be so damn fussy sometimes.

    especially the ones who like to be the 'boss'.

  3. Sounds like fun!!!  I love horse back riding..but it has been forever!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  4. Riding is something I've never done much of....but whenever I have, I've really enjoyed it.

    I'm glad you had a great day out!

  5. Sounds like aq lot of fun! We've got great weather here today, but, it looks like change is coming. rich

  6. sounds like a good time.

  7. up-oh Celeste...I am glad you didn't fall off and hurt your back again! Glad yall are having some fun!
    Take care,
    love ya,

  8. Celeste
    Thank goodness you weren't hurt when Precious started to kick.  I'm glad you and Pat are having a chance to spend some quality time together and have a little fun.  Happy Halloween.  Boo!


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