Monday, January 2, 2017

Second Day of New Year(where did the first one go??)

Today is the second day of the year 2017 in the month of January. Interesting fact: January is named after the Latin word for door not Janus. So January is in fact the door to the new year. Works for me. January is the door to 2017. 

I did not make any resolutions for this year. Why make something that is sure to be broken? Lose weight, go to gym, be nice, make amends, clean house, eat healthy, quit smoking, quit drinking, go to church, donate stuff, donate time, save money, etc. Resolutions won't do these things for you. Just because the first of the year rolled around and you decided now is the time to do all those things does not mean it will happen.

Today, my husband is cancer free. This last year has taught me that nothing in life is going to magically be fixed because I resolved it so. It was a hard battle and it is not over. It is a war, a continuous war until the day it is over. There will be more battles, more doctors, more drugs, more surgeries until it is over, the day he decides not to fight anymore.

I have realized that I have to start taking better care of myself because my husband is cancer free today and I have a great-grandson coming this year. I have things I enjoy doing: being with my family, my animals, riding my motorcycle, being with my friends, playing pool with my teammates, working. Was this a resolution? No. It was a realization.

I think I will now settle back and have myself another cup of hot tea.


  1. Cancer puts a shadow over everything for the rest of your life.

    1. It does. I also realized that the 2nd was the day that I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2009, the same day as the death of Pat's mother.

  2. Your realization is better than any resolution I've read or thought of. Smart, action-based, & realistic. You resilient chick ;).
    Tea & good self-care, perfect together.


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