Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Curve balls hurt

I honestly do not know how much more I can take.. Life keeps throwing curve balls at me and they keep hitting me.  My husband still has cancer of the bladder. Doctor did a biopsy last week on what she said appeared to be cancer spots again. My beautiful granddaughter that is carrying my great grandson is being tested for heart problems. Now my daughter just called and her pap smear shows cervical cancer cells. I am afraid to go to the doctor for myself...


  1. I wish I could think of one thing to write that would offer you some comfort or consolation. I care that you are hurting, but I can't erase one drop of it. I used to think I could share someone's pain thereby making the load lighter for the person; I am not so sure that I believe that any longer.

    1. One spot of good news-the biopsy showed no cancer in bladder, now if the rest of the body stays clear...

  2. I somehow missed this, back in December. Wow. Hope things are better by now.


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