Sunday, January 3, 2016

poopy poop

*WARNING-deals with body functions*

Pat has been dealing with issues with pain. He has always been a strong man, never one to admit when he was hurting. The lymph nodes in his groin and abdomen area are pressing on his veins constricting proper flow. He has  PERIPHERAL LYMPHEDEMA  caused by bladder cancer that has metastasized to his lymph nodes. The doctors are not grading it until his cancer has been taken care of.
It hurts. Nerves run along side the veins and arteries. It hurts him. In response he is taking pain medicine. This is causing other issues. He has never been a big drinker of liquids. This is causing issues. I think he has finally realized the importance of water! 
After a couple days of extra water, grape juice, oatmeal with baby food prunes, he has had movement! 

People if you ever have blood in your urine please PLEASE get it checked out. Bladder cancer in early stages is easily CURABLE.  

GoFundMe to help with unexpected expenses 

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