Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Different life now

My life right now is so very different than what I imagined it would be. I pictured me with 4 kids ,a husband, grandkids. A life filled with love, health and happiness and sharing it with family.  When that bubble burst, it exploded into a million pieces.Other than myself, not one person knows even half of what my life has been like, not my best friend, not Pat, not my family.
One day I had dreams again, only to come to the realization that dreams are dreams and will not be reality.


  1. I'm sorry things aren't working out for you. I don't know why I am so blessed. I always tell God He must be blessing me because I am married to such a good and kind man.

  2. Don't ever stop dreaming. We all need them for sure.

  3. I'm sorry! Sending you a cyber hug!!


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