Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spent a long night in the hospital emergency room at ERLANGER at Hutcheson. Pat, my husband, had a severe asthma exacerbation. We stayed all night while they observed the effect of the medication given him. Lucky for him no hospital stay is necessary as of now.  I dread the bill when it comes. We have no insurance and not eligible for state aid. EKG, lab work, x-ray, breathing treatment, IV antibiotics and steroid treatment will add up in costs! The IV medicine will most likely be the most expensive of all. Today I went and filled his prescriptions. The prednisone was not too bad at $20. The one that almost sent ME to the hospital with a heart attack was the antibiotics. $120 for* _4_ * pills. Yes, you read  that right. I had to pay. He is limited as to what he can take because of allergic reactions to other medicines in the past. 
Here in the United States the drug companies have us over a barrel. We pay the price they want or do without. Doing without can lead to death for some people. Pat's regular medicines run us over $600 a month for 2 prescriptions.  With the cost so high he is having to scrimp on his dosages to stretch it out longer than a month. He needs 4. To pay for all 4 would total more than his retirement check. He is not old enough for medicare and was unable to continue working due to his breathing. We will make it. It won't be easy. Next week we have an appointment with the VA.With luck we will get help there.


  1. That would be worrisome for sure. As if it isn't enough to worry about with Pat's being sick, you have to worry about the bills also. I hope VA helps.

  2. I certainly hope that VA can help out... the medical system in the US is abominable... hope that you both can see this period through...


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