Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 3 USA Cross Country motorcycle trip

Day 3 has us in Indiana doing nothing but enjoying Vickie's company. A good shower and a full belly goes a long way to soothing raw nerves. Weather is a bit on the iffy side for today but that is ok. No riding just relaxing.
Yesterday found us riding the interstate for several hundred miles. Through Louisville KY and Indianapolis IN. We had to ride in the rain some but it was not too bad. Pat thought he forgot his rain pants so he had to get wet. All he had to do was look in his saddle bag a little bit deeper.
We had a good visit with his sister. We all went and played pool and bowling. I did not bowl. I watched. My arm was hurting(had been for a month). Pat bowled them over. LOL He is not a great bowler but he was better than Tom and Vickie.
the next day Pat, Vickie and I went fishing. The first spot we went to, the fish were not biting so we wnt to a dam. There Pat and Vickie started pulling them in. Me? I read a book and watched them. I wanted Pat to have some one on one face time with his sister.
We decided to leave the next morning. Of course we got a late start. Being a second shift person for almost 30 years makes for hard to get going in the morning for Pat.
On the road again. Next stop, Missouri and my good friend Donna and her husband Cliff.


  1. Hope the arm thing is not serious... enjoy your trip..!

  2. I did read Donna's entry about when you came to visit and the rain you had. Glad to see your entry about the trip too. It must have been wonderful taking a trip like that.


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