Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day one is done

Pat and I got up early this morning to start on our trip. Did we leave EARLY? A RESOUNDING NO! If anything could go wrong it did. Tempers started to flare but I held my tongue and did not say forget it, you go I am staying home.
Once on the road I was alarmed at the sheer stupidity of "cagers".  There was an SUV with a cute message on the back and side windows that said "precious cargo". If there was precious cargo inside then the driver, I am assuming was the mother, was an idiot and did not consider her cargo precious. She sure did not give a flying flip about us!. She ran up on the back of Pat. She was within a car length of the back of the trailer. I was in the other lane and she was riding beside me. I could see her talking on a cell phone also. I waved at her in a not so friendly way(not with my middle finger). She responded by flipping me off! I yelled in a not nice way and called her a not nice name and gave her a not nice gesture. She finally backed off and I was able to get behind Pat. She then went by us, cut in front and got off the highway. Witch.
I forgot my camera cord so I cannot download the pictures I took. I may get a reader so I can. I am sure in the next few days I am going to find other things I forgot.
So far everything has been going slow. Only one mishap so far. My backpack popped loose and I had to pull over to fix it.
Instead of camping out tonight we are staying in a motel. The late start made it hard to get to our camping area and set up. Ok I am out of here. going to go work out, then a hot shower and bed.
We are in Cave City,KY. Mammouth Cave is near by. Tommorrow we will be in Monticello IN to visit Pat's sister for a few days.


  1. Celeste sounds like you had a nightmare of a trip in the car ~ glad you spent the night in a hotel ~ enjoy the rest of your trip ~ Ally x

  2. Wow, by the time you get to our house, you won't even be speaking to one another! Haaaaa! You can count on sleeping in a real bed when you arrive here, and taking a shower. And I'll at least cook you a burger. That should save a few bucks for you, right? Oh, and you can borrow a camera cord, too.

  3. Well remember that you and Pat are riding to ENJOY the road, the scenery and more importantly, YOURSELVES..!

    You got good company and the wind rushing around you... sounds liberating..!


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